83 definitions by robin

A derogatory term for the W.C. or toilet after a particularly smelly turd has been deposited.
Oh man, what have you eaten? That cess pit is nasty.
by robin March 15, 2005
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An term used to express sheer delight or impression to someone or something.
I had coconut prawns for dinner. Cha cha.
by robin January 06, 2004
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a crap tottenham player, oh wait they are all crap!
oh dear we lost again!
by robin January 03, 2005
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An insult meaning a person who is gay and has crap hair
by robin January 03, 2005
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When you're Fart so terribly gross that people throw up or even worse sometimes they shit themselves from tha fear radiated by this monster that makes a noise like a cat dieing
Egg-fart: meeeeeeeeeeeoooooooawwww.....

random guy: oooooaaarg I just crapped myself
by robin December 10, 2003
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