a 13th century polite word for the female genatalia & a 20th century in-polite word for a trafic warden.
man. you have a lovely CUNT.
woman, why thank you, its my best feature.

Driver. oy you CUNT. whats this ticket for ya fucking arogant cunt.

Traffic warden, your parking meter is going to run out soon so I gave you a ticket because I get commision so fuck of driver...
by Clayo. July 11, 2008
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This is a really versatile word which can be used in at least three different ways although there are probably more:
1. An informal name for the vagina, also known as snatch, pussy, fanny, twat and a less complimentary form stench trench. What is quite interesting is that the word was in common use during the Middle Ages and was not perceived to be offensive and was the name given to a number of streets in various British towns. E.g. Parsons Street in Banbury Oxfordshire was once called Gropecunt Lane; could there be a connection in the name change?
2. A derogatory name for a person you intensely dislike.
3. Possibly the commonest used is as an acronym standing variously for

a. Computer User Non-Technical (someone who is a total fuck up when they try to use a computer);

b. Completely Useless Non-Thinker (someone who is a brain dead motherfucker);

c. Cannot Understand New Technology (someone who is a combination of a and b);

d. Cannot Utilise Normal Thinking (someone who is eccentric, but not in a good way);
1 Have you seen the cunt on that, it could swallow an elephant;
2 and 3 Whatever way you look at it, that Heale Malcolm is a complete cunt;
by AKACroatalin February 18, 2019
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a bitch that just won't quit with the shit
revaRIOT is such a fucking cunt, who starts shit with someone they don't know?
by ZombiDeVine July 15, 2009
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Acronym meaning: Culturally Unified Native Terrarian (CUNT). A gender, race and culture neutral term for the confused and easily offended Socialist pinko.
This acronym was designated by the Australian Government to assist white men in their endless quest to be more sensitive towards the rapidly growing number of moaning cockfags in the workplace.

The white man can now fearlessly engage in conversation with all weirdos without needing to waste time pretending to give a fuck about their beliefs with a simple ‘Hello CUNT’.
‘I can’t work out if they are a male or female’.
‘They are neither, they are just a CUNT’.

‘African gangs seem to be a problem in my area’.
‘Dude, show some respect. CUNTs enrich our society.’

‘Hello, I’m a man hating transgender, bi-sexual indigenous, Muslim, greens voting, arts student’.
‘Well hello CUNT. Where are your CUNT friends?’
by Zoltan Technician September 1, 2018
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A woman who goes lengths to ruins someone's life and relationship. Will constantly play the victum.
Man, that Elisha is a cunt, she tried to ruin multiple relationships over petty shit.
by Scottish Whore September 30, 2017
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CUNT is a common term used for people who prefer a more simple way of saying goodbye
CUNT literally means C (see) U (you) N (short form of next) T (short form for time)

Using the term without realising the context might prove to be fatal...
Gina: Its getting late now, I better go back home before my mom literally slaughter me... She is mentally unstable after I accidentally saw her banging with some jackass.. she tried to kill me

Dick (at the same time checking out an middle-aged chick nearby) : Alright then, CUNT!!

Gina (looks at the chick*): CUNT!!

(deadly silence follows..)

*: Gina's mom with a cleaver
by MsGrofo October 22, 2010
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That dumb bitch Cant-Understand-Normal-Thinking, she is a CUNT.
by MrHunterman12 May 26, 2008
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