168 definition by Robert

The sad and shocked face.
"DarkRoyals" Member d00d has killed Robert.
"DarkRoyals" has won the siege!
ClanRobert: :.O we lost!
by Robert December 11, 2004

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consider the term "douche bag" for guys
since hes a guy, you can call him dickbacon
by Robert July 19, 2004

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The name given to a person named Robert by one of his friends, which eventually turned into the shorthand Veg, and took over as his real name.
Hey Veg, what's new?
by Robert April 17, 2005

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A nob with cheese on the end
robert hervery (herbs)
by Robert March 10, 2003

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having sex for the first time
i did 'the deed'the other day
by robert March 25, 2005

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Pooop at peaking out of my ass to see you
Whats a four letter word that rhymes with shit? It's just shit

Shit rhymes with Shit
by Robert February 25, 2004

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An idiot. moron
"...then he got stung by the entire swarm of bees. What a brainiac."
by Robert December 12, 2003

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