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Missouri University. mizzou sports is one of the things that everyone in columbia obsesses over (along with the cities of St Louis and KC (not the NFL teams, but the cities themselves because they are so "hard," and "gangsta")). over half of the people at hickman wear mizzou clothing on a daily basis, which i find very sad.
you'll never find anythign mizzou on me, but you can find SD on me. as much as i dislike mizzou, i'll probably end up going there because of the fact that i live in columbia (how unfortunate)
by robert March 18, 2005
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A small Nerd-Rock band from Phoenix, AZ.
www.sprankton.com Music that sucks.
by Robert January 11, 2005
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bad ass animal capable of scaring lots of people
green anaconda can eat people now that is bad ass
by Robert April 21, 2003
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a country that was called serbia at first then changed to yugoslavia and now is called serbia & montenegro. most of the women there are fuckin ugly as hell, they suck ass at soccer, vlade divac and stojakovic cant play worth shit and the it is a third world country and is communist....
man Montenegro blows and the women are ugly...lets go to Croatia...
by Robert June 16, 2004
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an ugly ass city on the border of missouri and illinois. the only thing people outside of missouri know about st louis is the arch and that nelly and chingy are from there. i live in columbia, MO and everyone is obsessed with st louis. but then again who can blame them, with them living in this boring ass town.
st louis??? ahh st louis is whack, i mean it has a population of under 400,000 and thats cuz no one wants to live there

san diego is the best city in the world
by robert March 18, 2005
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a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad song by justin timberlake. one of the parts has justin singing "cry me a river" over and over again in a really annoying voice.
Radio playing at a store: Cry me a river! Cry me a river!
Me: Oh god oh god oh god not this song again!
*i head to the gun store*
Me: Take this you piece of shit!
*radio is blown to bits by my brand new 30-06 :D*
Me: Yaaay! ^_^
by Robert July 16, 2004
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they are always late, they are fat, and they eat perogies all day long. they are also retards that don't know how to spell.
David wanted to go to the perogie fest, but he was late because he's a slow, retarded piece of poo.
by robert March 07, 2005
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