Irish adolescent sub-species.

Males usually sport a bumfluff moustache, an emperor Nero hairstyle and are always called either Anto or Deco making communication difficult in a crowd of male skangers. Their natural habitat is any corner at the side of any road in any town although they can also be found hanging around outside off licences in great numbers.

Females generally have strawberry blonde curly shoulder-length hair dripping of grease; a complexion akin to that of the surface of the moon and are mostly called Lizbehhh (Elizabeth). Accessories include compulsory buggy for their compulsory child.

Skangers usually have a strict dress code of Nike, Reebok or Adidas shellsuits and trainers and a Burberry cap titled at a particular angle. This is true of both male and female skangers. Additional uniform items include a 'smoke' (cigarette) probably scabbed from some poor sod they've just accosted; bling of various types but mostly a gold neck chain (male) and Elizabeth Duke Pat Butcher-style earrings (female)

Other recognisable traits include a loud over-exaggerated accent, practiced at great length to increase their 'hardness' within the pack; and a tendency to say 'knawmean' every 2.8 seconds around other words such as 'staaary', 'bud' and 'ye fuggin wankohhh'; aggressive body posture mimicking primate behaviour especially when spoken to by any member of the public about anything.

Older skangers can be recognised by their mugshots/picture in the court reporting section of any newspaper and also by their ridiculously souped-up cars...see also 'boy racers'.
"Heyohhh meestohhh...gis a fuggin smohke"
(Excuse me sir, may I please trouble you for a cigarette?)

Typical example of a skanger initiating a conversation/fight
by morradichi February 18, 2008
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Basically a chav in ireland. They are common drags on society, will probraly live on the dole when they are older (16/17) drop out of school as soon as they are legally able to (16) and will mitch off school until they are. Usually pop out a few skanger children covered head to toe in little tacky skanger outfts.
Smoke like chimneys and love doing so in school bathrooms where they can piss off as many fellow students as possible.

Usual female skanger; Plastered in panstick (which leaves a nice orange coating on their school shirt), have an orange hue, speak in a simple english language, are often in bathrooms trying to make themselves appear yet more orange, have low attention spans, act 'rale hard', spend all off their time with their skanger boyfirends in their boy racer cars, wearers of extremely huge hoop earrings, usually dye their hair rotten colours(often 2 tone brown and blonde) and have a constant smell of stale smoke. Nice.

Usual male skanger; owners of boy racer cars, congregate in large groups where they try to act 'rale hard'. Shout lude comments at ANY female walking past (try to keep your head down and don't make eye contact), inappropriate, talk so strangely that even natives to ireland have a hard time understanding their knacker way of talking, not a fan of personal hygiene, always surround by a cloud of Lynx (that really awful smelling male product(?) that every young male wears for some reason but no actual female likes it) and wearer of tacky full tracksuits. Nice.
As you can tell by the descriptions, they are valued members of society.

Skanger; I'd b rale cool like that sure. Don't start on be i'd break yar face i wud.

Normal person; Right. And you are what, 12?

Skanger; Shut yar face ya rich barbie with yar fancy shoes on ya.U don't be rale hard like me

Normal person; (rolls eyes and walks away)
by Grapesareyum March 6, 2009
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The Skanger: these creatures numbers are growing at quite an alarming rate due to their frenetic breeding, they are most likely recognised by shabby reebok and or addidas gear or if their really moving up in the criminal world,nike. They can also be recognised by their unusual birdlike walk which usually involves them moving their head back and forth much akin to a pigeon on speed.
Can be heard to say if in their immediate "pack" or "herd" of freinds "waaaaats tha storeeeeeeeee" or if a passer by- "Give us your mobile or I'll fuckin knife ya ya fuckin mupa!"
mating call:"Here Get out yar dick will yas!!!"
"Oh Darling look at that awful character he is defecating on that BMW ! "
by Robert July 23, 2003
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Track-suited baseball-cap wearing intellectually challenged knacker (usually from Dublin) who thinks he's a hard man. Usually hang around in groups of 4 or more on street corners at 2am.
tom-thebox from
by Weirdo November 28, 2003
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from ireland, mainly Dublin.
shouts stuff like, " ere will ye meet me mate??"
basically chavs but from Dublin.

randomer: who ARE you??


skanger: ah see tha burd over there, will u meet hur??

Other skanger: eh YER shes a bleedin lash.

by skanger me banger December 20, 2007
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People living in towns who were previously called "rough". Although located in urban areas throughout Ireland, most came from Dublin or were converted into a skanger by their Dublin friends or family. If involved in a conversation with non-skangers, it was most likely started by them, with something along the lines of "Here lad, ya got a lii? I beh I caaan seh yar hair on fyerrr", which translated into English means "Person in front of me I'm not acquainted with, have you got a cigarette lighter? I reckon I could set your hair on fire." Conversations amongst themselves usually begin with "waaaats de staaaaaree" (i.e. what's the story, i.e. how are things) before engaging in saying "staaaary" one after the other for awhile. Popular meeting points include doorways or other entrances/exits to passageways where only one entrance/exit exists.
While regarded by most as a serious social problem, it's unlikely the dreams of sending them all on a plane which may or may not land somewhere else will ever be reached given the lack of attention the issue is given because it's not "politically correct". Then again, neither is their behaviour but that doesn't stop them...
Please forgive spelling mistakes above - I'm not fluent in their language and I'm proud of it!
by AER June 16, 2005
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