A very beautiful name with awesome meanings in Vietnamese. For males it can mean handsome and for females it can mean beautiful. All-in-all this name gets bad raps from its English cousin "Dung" which means "poop".

Nevertheless, there are wonderful people out there who keep this name without changing or adding an English name. I truely respect them.
Wow, I didn't know that name meant that!! Now I see Dung in a whole new light.

Gee Dung is really brave. I wonder how many people didn't notice it.

If I have a daughter or son that's the name I will choose.
by Azndanaette November 30, 2006
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It's smelly and it falls out of your bung.
Dude 1: Dad.
Dude 2: Yeah, boy?
Dude 1: Will you wipe the dung off my bung?
by Bel Air Beast April 14, 2010
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A name in Vietnamese that can be used for both males and females. When the name is used for a boy, Dung means brave, heroic, courageous. When used to name a girl, it means beauty and is sometimes spelled as two words, My Dung. In south Vietnam it is pronounced Yoomng, and in the north it's pronounced Zoom. Diacritical marks in the Vietnamese language make it easy to distinguish whether the name belongs to a male or a female.
ng is a boy's name and means brave or heroic.

Dung, or My Dung, is a girl's name and means beauty.
by valor148 October 3, 2020
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Dung is a rather large poop. It comes out of your anus like a rocket to leave behind a splash to wipe your butt.
Boy,1:I just had a dung bro
Boy,2: ohh dude I feel bad for you
by Yor anus March 18, 2020
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what's brown and sounds like a bell
by me June 1, 2004
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I went to go play DUNG!
by Airjoe February 19, 2004
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A plaid shirted loser with an inflated sense of self importance who spends his time scooping basenji poop and working a minimum wage job at a university putting papers in alphabetical order under careful supervision. Lives in off-campus housing and calls the cops on his neighbors for trivial shit in his spare time. Calls nutcase Cmorris (which see) whenever he feels threatened.
That feckless, bitter asshole sure reminds me of Dung!
by Aude January 19, 2003
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