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Jamming and touring in a band using the bare essentials. Started by the Minutemen in the 1980s. Its purpose was to allow bands with very little money to hit the road and get exposure.
We're doing an entire tour of the west coast. But were low on dough so we'll be jammin' econo the whole way.
by DamnDirtyApe July 5, 2005
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To have a band that rocks without any bull-crap on the side. No airplanes, hotel rooms, fancy tour buses or light shows. Simple tour van that barely fits all the equipment and the few musicians - show up to a gig, play and move on, sleeping in the van or borrowing a couch for the night. Also requires that the band can actually fulfill the 'jam' part - you have to be able to rock once onstage.
note: this does NOT mean you have to have cheap equipment, only that your actual musical life is lived at a minimum.
The Minutemen's do-it-yourself attitude made them experts of jam econo.
by pete's_sg June 16, 2010
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to maintain one's style while suffering financial difficulty
man, roy is lookin pretty sharp to be jobless....hes econo pimpin
by rappin76 January 6, 2009
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Flipping someone the bird or giving someone the middle finger.
Econo as in economy, meaning thrifty management. Normally a wave utilizes all five fingers of the hand. In an econo wave, a person is conserving the number of fingers used in order to give someone just a one-fingered wave (i.e. the middle finger).
Britney: As I was driving down I-95, I saw one of those trash pickup crews on the side of the highway. I wanted to contribute to their effort, so I threw my Mickey D's bag out the window and onto the grass for them. One of the guys saw me and gave me the econo wave.
by Dizzy_Insightful February 8, 2013
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Booze that is cheap enough to buy in large enough quantities in order to maximize your binge.
It's a long weekend and I haven't gotten paid - looks like I'll be buying econo-buzz.
by ballistic8 September 28, 2010
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The person driving too slow on the freeway or around town in their hybrid or electric vehicle to see how much MPG they can get, regardless of how annoying they can be.
"This asshole in front of me in the Priuth is literally going 55 on the freeway, holding us up just because (he/she) wants to get another mile out of a gallon of gas, typical econo-hole!" "At least he/she has the required LGBTQRST, Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Hillary, and coexist, lib-cuck stickers so we know in advance and can steer clear"
by Psibri August 28, 2019
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