1. The rate at which new employees vacate a given job or company, based on dissatisfaction with bad work conditions.

2. The rate at which a person's previous meal vacates his or her stomach, based on the intensity of their vomitting.

3. The rate at which a man's semen vacates his testicles, prostate, and Cowper's glands, based on the intensity of masturbation.
All: Yale's MBA program postulates the "Churn Rate Paradigm" as:

Client's churn rate = k(worker's stomach churn rate) = k(new worker's churn rate)

The intervariable relation is proportional and geometric.

1. The new-employee churn rate at my previous job was really high.

2. The work itself was nauseating. I would vomit at least twice a day. On high traffic days, employee stomach churn rate was even higher.

3. It was a mopping job at a sperm bank/peep show/gay brothel (delete as appropriate). For some reason, I always ended up with the highest clientele churn rate. I hated that job. I'm going back to Taco Bell.
by HMB February 10, 2004
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The rate at which customers / subscribers / sumbitters stop using a product or service divided by the average number of customers / subscribers / submitters. Useful for determining growth trends versus customer satisfaction.
AOL's high churn rate indicates a low level of customer satisfaction.
by innards November 29, 2003
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How often a particular job gets turned over, time and time again.
The churn rate on that mcjob is high. gee...nobody wants that job!
by dtmcculloch November 30, 2003
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Churn is the percentage of total subscribers that discontinue
service divided into the total population. Usually it is
expressed as a percent based on the population change from month
to month.
An average monthly churn rate for wireless phones is
around 5%.
by Rob November 28, 2003
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