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The reason I passed math.
Bless the lord! For I got a 65!
by Rattlesnake316 January 09, 2005

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The 43rd pesident of the United States.

Went to Yale University were he averaged only a 72 average in college which is down from the 73 he had in high school.
Often accused of being the downfall of the country. And to back it up he....

*Has the largest deficit this country has ever had.
*More years were the country los money than won money.
*Took money from school to fund the war(which is another mess on its own)Than declined doing so
*turned the economy into shit.
*Reacted and prepared poorly to hurricane katrina (never stopped his vacation)
*refused to give seaports to a group of men because they were Arab
*Goes by the spoils system and hires underqualified friends to do his job.
*Stole the 2000 election
*froze like a dead dog in a debate againts Kerry (How the hell did he win?)

But when you call out the prez for one of his screw ups he simply dances around the issue until you give up.

Reporter: Mr president, with you trying to raise the qualifications and intelligence of the american people, how do you expect to do wthat when you took out a huge portion of the money torward schools for the war?

Bush: Excuse me?

Reporter: I said with you trying to raise the qualifications and intelligence of the american people, how do you expect to do wthat when you took out a huge portion of the money torward schools for the war?

Bush: Took money? you sure?

Reporter: Yes Mr president.

Bush: Well.... you sure?

Reporter: Yes Mr president.

Bush: I dont seem to rememeber that happening at all.... you sure it was me?

Reporter: Yes Mr president.

Bush: well I just dont recall this ever happening. Im not sure.

^ actually happened

People of other countries who assume were all trigger happy red necks just because George W Bush is. Your wrong. most of us hate him and his approval rating shows it.
by Rattlesnake316 March 13, 2006

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1) Useless cards that bend easily and wreck easily and get lossed easily. But because god hates us this is how New Yorkers are forced to take the train, or go on the bus. you go to a machine and place the amount of money you want, than pray you dont sit on it.

2) A dumb move when someone goes up to a girl and quicky chops or slides his hand down her ass or vagina than yells "Metro Card!" Ussually a comback when a girl bankoks you.
1) Books, pencils, paper, metr...

2)Sandra: Hey whats that?!
Me: whats what? *turns away*
Sandra: BANGKOCK! *Smacks balls*
Me: AHH! Not infront of my mom!
Sandra: Weres your mom? *turns away*
Me: METRO CARD *Chops vagina and runs like hell*
by Rattlesnake316 July 26, 2005

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1. When you finally have enough solitude to take a dump because you are afraid that someone might say something. when the turd is being waved home someone barges in forcing you to squeeze it back in.
Often times you know the Turd Buglar's identity.

2.The extremely annoying person who has no buissness in the bathroom yet stays their playing with his/her phone or looking at himself/herself in the mirror. All the while your trying to hold in a dump that youve been holding in since the Regan Administration until waiting until he/she finally leaves
1. God, why the hell does Andy need to always barge in when Im taking a shit? What a goddammed Turd Burglar.

2. Jesus when is this guy gunna leave already, I have this massive turd and insecurity issues to unload here.... FOR THE LAST TIME STOP LOOKING AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR THATS NOT BROCCOLI YOU TURD BURGLAR!!
by Rattlesnake316 February 26, 2006

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Synonym for idiot, low life and angst out. Most are ussually poser's who live in the city. They try to proove themself tough by randomly cursing at a kid half their size in the train station. I was once one of these people, getting into fight after fight after fight to proove myself tough to people who dont give a crap about me and put myself at risk to get jumped several times. basicly a street conformas. Its best to ignore them since most will die or end up in jail by the end of the year.
1)Most Gangstas can't spell the word Synonym.

2) I grow weary of these dumb teens who feel their gangsta because they can write their name in grafitti. I would leave the city but i put $1000 on my Metro card.
by Rattlesnake316 July 26, 2005

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This slang term most likely originated in Brooklyn and is said when someone says something or does something that is considered "wrong" or "going too far." Usually in a situation where a group of friends are joking around and one says something extremely offensive.
Tom: Hey Tiffany, tell your boobs to stop pointing at me!

Tiffany: Ha-ha! Don't be stupid, it's cold outside!

Jason: Yeah it must be cold everyday then...

Tiffany: Ha-ha!!

Bob: Tiffany, you have a moustache.

Tiffany: .....

Jason: Oh, that's violation...
by Rattlesnake316 September 22, 2007

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A virginal woman, who insists on acting like a whore despite their purity. Basicly, a virgin who fools others... often the men she hangs out with. Meant to Rhyme.
Guy 1:Man, Angela has sure been hanging around the wrestling team alot lately. If you ask me, I think she's slept with them.

Guy2:I doubt it... shes a virgin. And says she will stay one till shes married.

Guy: How dumb... well... she's a pure whore, nonetheless.
by Rattlesnake316 December 04, 2006

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