Founded in 1701, Yale University was designed to counteract Harvard and groom future US Presidents. As one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning and a member of the ivy league, Yale is particularly noted for its strong undergraduate program, Yale College, the Yale Law School, and the Yale School of Drama. The size of the stick that must be shoved up your ass to attend is now 5 inches (well about the Ivy League median of 3 inches, but a half inch below the maximum). This stick has been growing at an ever-growing rate in recent years, as Yale has consistently recorded the highest endowment growth of any elite university and has seen a resurgence in its programs.
Yale University is the home of future retarded elitist douches. I mean US Presidents.
by G0dly342 July 31, 2008
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A pompous, shitshow of a university where the wealth of the students is exceeded only be the tightness of their jeans.
Person #1: You seem like a tool. Do you go to Yale University?
Person #2: Yes.
by PineyTrain143 December 26, 2011
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The stuckup snobby college where students are accepted based on family ties and not based on merit. Students who should fail end up receiving "gentleman C's" at Yale. Notable alumni have become politicians and then immediately tried their best to fuck up their country.
Bush graduated from Yale University after receiving gentleman C's, even though his intelligence is much lower than that of a chimp.
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