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One who burgles turds for profit or pleasure.
"There goes Cory. That guy is such a turd burglar."
"He sure is, Gary. He sure is."
by Theturdpolice August 03, 2016
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When you finally find an empty public restroom for a dump so massive that it requires complete solitude for the deposit....and then someone walks in.(especially at your office/work place)
Just as I was about to 'release the beast', some turd buglar entered the bathroom causing my sphincter to snap shut!
by Sidney Abello February 11, 2004
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1. an annoying person who rudely interrupts you while taking a dump by either knocking on the stall door or attempting to open it.

2. a derogatory term for any homosexual and/or asspirate.
1. "I was trying to drop a deuce at McDonald's when some turdburglar walked in a opened the door on me."

2. "Sebastian has been in so many assholes he should change his name to Tommy Turdburglar."
by Shockey86 January 28, 2005
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In Quebec, the thief who follows the first burglar and the second burglar.
We arrested de first two burglars, but de turd burglar got away.
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
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A homosexual poacher of human feces; a poo-pilferer. Allternately, a rectum-robber who has a penchant for feces during gay sex.
"Hey, buddy - quit eyeing by bunghole like that! Whaddaya, some sort of TURD-BURGLAR??? Does this look like a fucking bathhouse? There's no sphincter pudding here for you!"
by Billy B August 24, 2006
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