An adjective used to describe a person who just can't wait to shoot every motherfucker in the area.
I got the M-16 and I really feel trigger happy today.
by AYB March 13, 2003
Someone who cant help but to pull the trigger every chance they get
Gangsta1:iight this is how its gonna go down.
*gun shot*
Gangsta1:goddamn, we aint even out the house n already ur shooting shit.
Gangsta2:my bad.
Gangsta3:trigger happy mo fucker.
by Young Gangsta May 12, 2006
adj. being too quick off the mark to fire a gun - or send in the troops in the case of bush - or fry the prisoners in the case of bush, etc.
Jay is a bit trigger happy, he's strapped 24/7 - don't startle him man he might pop u one.
by brendan May 1, 2004
An adjective used to describe a man (little boy) blows his load before or shortly after penetration...
"Hey, how was the sex the other night?"
"Man, he was trigger happy and lost it all over my thighs before he even got it in!"
by miss fifi March 13, 2003
British comedy hidden camera show where dom jolly just runs around causing havock, quite funny, great soundtrack.
"World shut your mouth" gettin a bit trigger happy ther
by Seds March 13, 2005
The mental state of finding intense joy in "triggering" social justice warriors.
What makes Milo Yiannopoulos such a strong speaker is that he is very trigger happy.
by The Trigger August 31, 2016
Used to discribe someone who, in an irc, hits Enter before finishing a word.
<wax> Dude, Meet the Parents sucke
<andrew> Your a little trigger happy today. eh?
by Wax March 1, 2005