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Arguably the best Alice in Chains album/EP ever put out. It has more of an acoustic vibe to it than any of their full length albums.
Jerry Cantrell's awesome on Jar of Flies. Just listen to Whale and Wasp and you'll see.
by Rastablowtorch September 19, 2005

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1. The center of the earth
2. The first Stone Temple Pilots album
3. A really crappy movie
1. It's really hot in the core
2. Wicked Garden is a good song off Core
3. The Core is one shitty piece of cinematography.
by Rastablowtorch September 20, 2005

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Considered by many to be something of a god among mere mortals, Ingle Mingiti was perhaps the greatest person ever to come out of southern Syria in the early 16th century. Born of Irish and Inca bloodlines, Mingiti was truly a sight to behold. It was widely rumored that he could shove a mandolin up a goat's ass without even breaking a sweat, but this was only a small example of his power.

In 1523, he set sail to Spain aboard his schooner, the Kazaa. Upon arrival, Mingiti mustered up a group of 4 Spaniards and one Portugal man, and set out for the New World. During the long journey westward, the Spaniards began to go crazy, and begged Mingiti if they could eat the Portugal man. "Nay", said Mingiti, and so it was. The Spaniards were permitted to merely chew on the Portugal man, but not to consume any part of him, and so they did. Eventually, they arrived at what would someday nearly become known as the Mormon nation of Deseret. The party explored this strange new land, but were soon attacked by a bear, which disrupted their trek, and scattered the group across the continent.

The Europeans were eventually all killed, either by Indians or baseball midgets, but Ingle Mingiti lived on. It is said that during his travels, he found the fountain of youth in Denver, and lives to this day, working as a 7-11 cashier in Toronto.
Ingle Mingiti was truly a great man, and will be remembered forever for never giving up in the face of adversity.
by Rastablowtorch July 29, 2005

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A terrible movie. Here's a rundown of the story:

Jason is frozen in an ice chamber thing.
Centuries later, he is thawed out, and goes around killing dumbasses from the future.
Somehow, Jason becomes mechanically enhanced, therefore he can now kill people while looking even more like an idiot.
Jason dies in a duel with a stereotypical black guy while being blown up in an exploding ship.

Never see this movie.
Some movies are so bad, they're hilarious, such as Doom or AvP. Jason X is not one of these movies.
by Rastablowtorch November 01, 2005

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A common variant of dump, the powerdump often occurs when one has diahrrea, has eaten something just a little too spicy, or has held it in just way too long. According to extensive reasearch on the powerdump, the majority of people who undergo it often say that it is one of the more unpleasant kinds of dumps. When taking a powerdump, it is not unusual to firmly grip the underside of the toilet seat to maintain stability.
Man, Rick had to take a powerdump last night, and he ended up spewing crap all over the place before he could sit down. Now my bathroom's ruined.
by Rastablowtorch July 31, 2005

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The undisputed pimp of podracing. Sebulba's not afraid to cheat in a race, even if it means killing his opponents. He's the second most badass character in The Phantom Menace, right after Darth Maul.
My favorite scene from Episode One was when Sebulba started beating the hell out of Jar Jar.
by rastablowtorch August 23, 2005

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A cool starfighter in Star Wars. Unfortunately, it only appears in a few short scenes in Return of the Jedi, but thankfully the novels and comics afterwards exploited the awesomeness of this ship. The B-Wing is a Rebel fighter designed by the Mon Calamari, which kind of explains why it looks so weird. Anyways, it was meant to replace the Y-Wing in the Rebel fleet, and it carried a large amount of weaponry, such as 3 laser cannons and two ion cannons. The cockpit was on a swivel, which allowed the rest of the craft to rotate around it. I don't know how helpful that would be, but it looks pretty cool.
The B-Wing is my favorite Star Wars ship
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005

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