If not the most beautiful then one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, inside and out. She is crazy and not bothered about other peoples opinion. The funniest laugh you'll ever hear, and can't help but make you laugh. She's always happy, even if she's not she'll fake a smile. Everybody loves her, and if you have her as your best friend you are the luckiest person as she will say beautiful things to you, and shout your nickname in the middle of the street if she see's you. she wears the nicest clothes and has a amazing personality. she will be one of the most incredible friends you have. she's a lovely person and she'll never be replaced she's one of a kind. she will put a smile on your face. she will sing and dance where ever and will do anything to have a good time. she is the most amazing friend you'll come across. She is also very smart and often a talented sport player. She is very generous and always goes out of her way to help and show gratitude to people.
Did you see how sweet Inca was today she bought me and Caroline a box of doughnuts.
by Urban Dictionary Professor April 16, 2019
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1. An ancient people of South America

2. One of Brisbane's most talented rock bands. Critically acclaimed for their powerful deep sound which has defined the genre 'progressive grunge'
1. The Inca were at war with the Maya

2. 'Inca (formerly Sagacia) were freaking awesome last night!'
by James Ablett June 12, 2008
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Inca was a term invented in a group chat called “No Thirst Zone”. Scientists believe that the term was an autocorrect for the word “nice”
Ah shit, here we go again”. That. Meme is very Inca.
by Hace Fresco April 20, 2019
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Inca-Cola is a brilliant Peruvian cola drink. It had huge competition with Coca-Cola until Coca-Cola bought it. It has now spread it's popularity around South America and even reached the U.S. It owns the market in Peru.
Inca-Cola r0><><0rz!
by Serminigo July 5, 2006
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person: today is very inca linca

other person: of course!
by Unspecified Human June 23, 2020
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The Inca Empire was an empire that was founded in 1438, it consisted of Peru, western Ecuador, western and south central Bolivia, northwest Argentina, a large portion of what is today Chile, and the southwesternmost tip of Colombia and it situated on the Andes. Francisco Pizarro and the Spanish starting conquering the Inca Empire in 1533 and the last Inca resistance ended in 1572, the Inca Empire lasted over 95 years.
The Aztec Empire is a pretty cool civilization.”
“You should check out the Inca Empire.
by imabouttocrapmypants October 4, 2021
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When you are in an eiffel tower scenario with your buddy and you switch positions on Cinco de mayo
Carlos and Hector were giving Rosa a Cinco de mayo celebration she would remember and gave her an Inca stinka
by lebreezer May 5, 2023
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