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A set of communities brought together via the Internet networks in order to discuss games and such. It is often found that any one of these communities can be found torn up, arguing on whether one game is better than the other, or arguing whether consoles or computer is better for computer games and such.

Do differentiate between a gaming community and a true-gamers community. A true-gamers community does not discriminate themselves between gaming genres and games, and utilities. A true-gamers community respects all gamers and enjoys gaming just for the fun of it. It is often found that a true-gamers community has a hierarchy of some sort, in which more renowned gamers are treated with higher respects and carry some sort of high-rank rep. Extremely rare.

Gaming communities are similar to those of Star Wars Facebook communities, torn up by their own views, left to argue forever.
Gaming Community looks like this:
"Hey, so you heard about this game Eve Online?"

"Eve Online? Oh, yeah, I heard that game's trash, similar to World of Warcraft."

"What are you saying, man? I mean, what's wrong with WoW?"

"Their graphics are trash, you know."

angrily fixes his bowtie
"Okay, listen here, you little shit..."
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by Darth Obliviator June 29, 2018
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A community dedicated to gaming. Now, you're probably wondering "What kind of community is this?". Well, good sir, to that I would respond "A Gaming community".

Not to be confused with "Thinking community".
by Rastablowtorch March 09, 2007
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