When nearing the end of sexual intercourse, the male inserts his penis into the females mouth and releases his unborn children, at which point the female begins to gargle his seed and then spit it high into the air and let it rain down.
I as with this bitch last night, and i gave her the fountain of youth!
by Niggy123 July 5, 2014
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Noun. A bowl like form in the scrotum area filled with any liquid.

Verb. (Fountain of Youthing) When one consumes a liquid from a stretched out scrotum. (commonly in a bowl shape)

When a person stretches out their nut sack and fills the surface with a liquid (another person typically takes a sip from it)
Showered with my girlfriend and she took a sip out of my fountain of youth.

I saw a girl fountain of youthing on the beach with a random guy using water from the ocean.
by LB and CF January 20, 2021
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When you cum in a female woman’s anus and then she forcefully ejects feces and sperm in the air explosive as the Fourth of July.
Person 1: why do you smell so bad?
Person 2: I put it so deep she gave me the fountain of youth.
by Anumal crockers October 20, 2020
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Mystic water that has the abilities to make whoever drinks it or bathes in it younger.
old man into young man. Young man into kid. Kid into baby
by taz May 4, 2004
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Having the female grab her ankles without bending her knees. Then give her a diet coke enema...as soon as the soda gets in her ass shove in a couple of mentos. The outcoming spray is the fountain of youth.
My girl blasted the wall from the fountain of youth I gave her.
by 69eater July 25, 2009
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Upon finding a girl with a tracheotomy, you proceed to make love to the hole in her throat. Right when you're about to close the deal, get balls deep so your helmet protrudes out of her mouth. Then finish out of her mouth and revel at how much it looks like a fountain.
Colton: So i was bar hopping the other night, found this chick with a trache, got her piss drunk and did the fountain of youth.

Tom: (Sits there in stunned silence)

Colton: I know, awesome right?
by SIIS Balls January 28, 2010
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"i cannot come to the party, Dan. I have a fountain of youth situation at home."
by Krkič October 28, 2019
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