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Where Santa Claus lives, of course!
Since there's barely anything to do up at the North Pole, whenever jolly ole' St. Nick gets bored, he'll just take one of his merry little elves, and throw him to the polar bears.
by Rastablowtorch October 16, 2005

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A community dedicated to gaming. Now, you're probably wondering "What kind of community is this?". Well, good sir, to that I would respond "A Gaming community".

Not to be confused with "Thinking community".
gaming community?

Gaming Community?

by Rastablowtorch March 09, 2007

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A fun Star Wars RTS game. Although it's a little hard to load on older computers, and it is a purely military themed game, Force Commander is awesome. Take control of either the Empire or the Alliance, and try to conquer your enemies. Unfortunately, Force Commander wasn't recieved well by gamers, and a new Star Wars RTS was released to please those people. The new game used the Age of Empires engine and was called Galactic Battlegrounds. GB was pretty fun, but I don't think it stands up to its predeccesor.
My army of AT-STs and AT-PTs raped the little Rebel soldiers.
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005

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The first of the two EPs Alice in Chains put out. It's way different than their other stuff, seeing how it's all acoustic. Since it's an EP, it's pretty short, being only four songs long (Five if you count the hidden track). There also a few guest singers on Sap as well, notably Chris Cornell and the singer from Heart. Unlike Alice in Chains' previous album, Facelift, Sap seemed to trade loud and fast electric guitar for slower rhythyms and more meaningful lyrics.
Sap's an great EP. The hidden track on it sure did piss off a bunch of people.
by Rastablowtorch September 19, 2005

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Yet another great Pearl Jam album.
Listen to Eddie Vedder scream himself hoarse on the song "Blood"
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005

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A fairly rich town in Colorado. It's filled with wealthy bastards, wiggers, and some of the biggest pricks in Boulder county. Superior is seemingly overrun by white arrogant teenagers who feel everyone must bow down to them. Occasionally you'll find someone who isn't a complete jerk, and knows what they're talking about, but those instances are rare. On the upside however, it's not a very violent place, and it's pretty nice looking when compared to surrounding towns. Just overpopulated with idiots.
Superior's a cool place to live as long as you can ignore the morons that try to force you to look up to them.
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005

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1. An overrated cartoon about four kids who do stupid stuff and make fun of each other. The older South Park episodes are really funny, mainly because they weren't so much about social issues as they were about the main characters acting dumb for the hell of it. Nowadays South Park relies too much on current events to be funny. It also seems too preachy. Like the Simpsons, the newer South Park episodes lack certain qualities that made the old ones great. Cartman's still pretty funny though.

2. A part of Colorado. South Park's not the name of a town, but rather a large portion of Southern Colorado or something.
1. "Hello Children!"
"Hey Chef"

2. South Park's a pretty boring place to visit.
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005

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