Rand is a beautiful, strong, elegant woman. Rand is a girl who has long brown flowy hair with a kind big heart. She is one of a kind, and hard to get. Rand is a gorgeous tall and sweet girl. Not to mention she is a bad ass bitch so if you mess with her or the people she cares about you should be worried. She forgives you if u apologize in the right way but she will never forget.
by snowmaster101 December 8, 2017
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A rand is a girl that’s gonna strike you with her seductive eyes and firey personality. She walks like slow, heads up high, like she owns the place. She’s charming, sultry, and seductive. People are just so struck by the way she looks, acts, and talks that they either love her or hate the shit out her. But don’t be afraid to talk to her she’ll talk to u right away, don’t be dumb and start talking to her about day to day stuff, she’s a girl with a firey attitude and a lot of ambition she’s always on the go for something greater she’s not gonna want to waste her time with convos that don’t mean a thing. If you wanna be her man, never be boring she move on right away. Simply because she knows who she is, she understands her unique beauty and believe me she knows she can get better, so u have to do a lil work over her and keep her interested. she loves to argue mainly because she has so much feelings when it comes to life, her passion is dangerous, and her compassion for others is contagious, although she pretends to be tough there’s always this little girl playing around inside of her. Don’t be scared by how edgy she is she just doesn’t like to conform she’ll do the simplest stuff in the most bizarre ways, like never drinking coffee but with coconut milk or refusing to wear her on any side but the middle. She loves and hates with passion there’s no inbetweens with this girl and that’s mainly why she’s so magnetic and she understands the power she owns very well.
Rands A woman From different planet, man”
by Experiencedher January 19, 2018
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she is a gorgeous person anyone would be lucky to have a rand they are the most loving people on earth they are funny,cute,amazing,cool,fabulous they also have amazing style and most of them have beutifull hazel eyes and they are short but anyone would be lucky to have a rand
wow that girl is amazing , ofc she is cuz she is a rand
by iaeurty February 25, 2018
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A person who is wise, strong, dashing in a scruffy way, and usually uses one or two-word answers.

May even have long, flowing hair, and live in a forest while perpetually being stuck in some airport.
That man is has captured my heart with his home, situated near greenery, and his calm, yet knowing demeanor. He's probably a Rand.
by QBN November 8, 2007
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Rand is a cute and hot girl.
rand will have two big hazel eyes and a big heart

she is tended to be short with shortand messy-ish hair and a messed up eyebrow game.
she usually disobeys the teachers will
she will most commonly own a youtube channel and name it something weird.
rand is good-ish at basketball and bad at swimming
Rand she loves to copy yarahs all over the world and loves sayng cute
rand will kill the person that says the word random
i like her
u caant get her she is a rand
by rzsamboosa January 31, 2017
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n. A woman who "loves 'em and leaves 'em"
"She's such a rand!"
"He shouldn't even try dating her; she's a rand."
by Éowyn Altariel November 24, 2012
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