To make a cannabis cigarette through the use of skins, or papers, hence the name.
"Skin up before we go"
by RJ Smoke J May 6, 2003
-to relax, calm down or otherwise shut up.
eg. actually skin up (roll a spliff)
oi son your getting a leary skin up.

by mesijoe September 6, 2007
the art of rolling a joint using specially designed papers, eg rizlas.
fancy skinning up again?
by Amy the great October 25, 2004
When someone in a video game, typically at a very low level of play, is using a non default skin that costs real money.
Hey look at me and all these other bronze boys, we are all skinned up. This is how they make so much money.
by UrbanPlebWordsmith August 28, 2016
Used to say hello to any thing (person, dog, cat)
When you go over to your freinds house you say. Hey what's up skin.
by Arnold palmer 1 October 10, 2018