A condom. So named because its use implies that the wearer is well endowed (hence, it fits snugly).
Oh, man. I was this close to getting laid, but neither of us had a snuggy.
by Sultan Sean October 27, 2009
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Another term for a "wedgie" or "melvin" that was commonly used in the '70's, to describe what happens when your shorts get pulled up into the crack of your butt.
I hate wearing boxers because they bunch up around my crotch and give me a snuggy.
by TripleH November 24, 2004
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Same as a wedgie only lifting up the FRONT of the pants, so the victim's genitalia are suddenly divided & pinched/crushed by his or her underwear, i.e. an acute case of camel-toe.
The daring perp must move swiftly to administer a painful snuggy without himself being assaulted.
by Litzkrieg April 20, 2007
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Similar to a wedgie but the FRONT of the drawers & pants are heisted upward with great velocity, thereby dividing & pinching the victim's genitalia, i.e. giving him/her an acute case of camel-toe. It's also a 'discernibly turgid' look intentionally worn by hair bands like Cinderella.
Trousers soon became the bane of nerds everywhere when bullies discovered the hilarity induced by delivering a crack-splitting wedgy and scrotum-smashing snuggy.
by Litzkrieg May 01, 2007
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slang term developed by bored teens to mean get close with someone or to describe clothing as tight.
Last night me and Tom got snuggy on the couch.
Damn that dude's shirt is snuggy!
by Michelle July 14, 2004
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A male marm. Name derived from frontal baby pouch called a snuggy worn by men.
Man, check out the teddy bear stickers that guy has on his mini van - he is such a fucking snuggy!
by rand December 04, 2004
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