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Abbreviation, Verb.

Abbr. choke the dong

To squeeze the head of the penis very hard, esp as a part of masturbation.
Tim was having a great time whilst Alice gave him a chong.
by WhatsAppWrangler September 16, 2014
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Chongs is a South Australian colloquialism referring to the scrotum commonly used as an expletive.
"That sucks the chongs!" is used to express that something is bad.

"You suck the chongs" is used as an insult.
by The_Cantletron August 29, 2008
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It's kinda like my dong, but it comes outa your forehead like a banana.
Dude your chong is showing.
by George Albert February 28, 2004
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To ejaculate semen in some form.
I would Chong in her face.
Don't make me chong in your cereral you docuhe.
Yes chong is a real word, if you think different you deserve to be chonged on!
by Kape1 April 05, 2007
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To wordchong/word is to consume rapidly. Chongs - to consume rapidly - verb.
Sir DJ Tron Esquire chongs on chode.
by croozechesthair July 15, 2003
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To hit a male in the genitals by purpose or accident.
The third base coach wasn't paying attention and he got chonged by a hard line drive.
by Rudy Botka July 07, 2005
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chong means to ruin something. This could be by dropping out, complaining, hogging etc.
"you can't handle the sesh! you're such a chong!"
"hey don't chong the weed man"

"Alex really chonged the party last night"
by Harrins November 22, 2013
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