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1.1936 Marshmallows
2.Air puffed sugar delights.
3.Hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin.
by Raised by a cup of coffee August 11, 2003
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When playing softball, if Red Hots is called, the base runners are able to be called out if touched by the ball.

If a fielder throws the ball at a baserunner, and makes contact while the runner is not on a base, Red Hots acts as a tag, and the runner is out.
DiSalvo (after being hit by the ball): What the...?

Jeansong: You're out.

Disalvo: Nah, I'm safe. I'm on the base.

Jeansong: No man, you're out. We called Red Hots.

DiSalvo: Red Hots? I thought that was some girl s.
by Raised by a cup of coffee March 19, 2005
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It is exactly like "yes." There is no mood associated with it.
"Did you do well on your exam?"
by Raised by a cup of coffee July 31, 2003
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A particular section of a store which contains clothes designed for rock stars.

J.T. Arpent, aka airman, aka Big O, shops only in the rock star section
Arpent: "Where's the rock star section, yo?"

Rae: "Jason we're in Wal-Mart, they don't have a rock star section"
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1.Opposite of remp; No
2.No with a disappointed flavor
"Do you have two prr of Air Force Ones?"
by Raised by a cup of coffee August 11, 2003
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Steve M.'s way of saying J.T. Arpent
Steve: "Whatcha say there airman?"
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Hat is a more intense degree of "hot."

Many things are hot, but very few are hat.
JB, "How's is going Phil?"

PJ, "Pretty hat."
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