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A very very nice guy, who is insanely sexy and funny.

Treats his girlfriend like royalty. So so perfect. Gage is the most sexy, funny, atheltic, and nice guy you will ever meet
Wow, that guy right there is really sexy!!
Huh, must be a Gage
by Lawlypop February 02, 2012
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An incredibly sweet, sensitive, and understanding man. A gentleman. Classy, easy to confide in, and trustworthy. The best friend anyone could ask for, and entirely irreplaceable. Loyal to the core. Very attractive with an athletic build, and catches the eye of any woman he passes--though he rarely realizes it. Logical-minded, tends to hide his true emotions, ridiculously intelligent, and will let anyone know his opinion if they ask for it. If you want to know what a "cool nerd" looks like, find a Gage. Has a tendency to sometimes be introverted, but once you get to know him he is crazy, hilarious, lovable, and tons of fun. A grammar-nazi who is probably cringing at this definition's many sentence fragments. All in all, a Gage is a person that anyone would be fortunate to meet, blessed to be considered an acquaintance, and feel like they were in an alternative reality if he were to consider them a best friend.
My life would not be complete if I did not have a Gage.
by maeggwolf September 26, 2010
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Gage is loyal sometimes he may seem to be hiding something but its only for good. Gage is so cute and je is the best guy you will ever meet. Never let gage leave you or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Be trustworthy to gage cause he deserves it and will be kind to you like you are to him. He will not talk to you rude or curse at you he will respect you and be funny. If a gage looks at this they will laught at how long this is but, gage is the best person you will ever meet never let him go keep him close to your heart and be loyal
Me: whos that cute guy over there
Stranger: oh it must be gage
by Gage's crush August 30, 2017
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A well-rounded fellow who has tremendous humor and a loving heart. He has beautiful blue eyes, a handsome face, and a really sexy body. He helps people, and doesn't talk to people he doesn't know or like the presence of. He knows how to love his girlfriend, and together they make a perfect pair. He hates sluts and bitches but has respect for older music. This Pop shit is bullshit to him. He likes Studio Ghibli and adores his cats Gregory and Joey. He hates stupid people who can't drive, and doesn't enjoy loud bitches. He makes an exceptional boyfriend.

Consider yourself very lucky to have a Gage as a friend or even boyfriend. He has your back and knows how to successfully escape cops in GTA using a SWAT Truck obtaining at least a 4 star wanted level. In real life he always has his Glock to solve any problems in the way, and is amaing at whatever he does.

So I tried to make a really sweet loving only post about Gage, and didnt get published so let's try this shit again and get published, bitch.
"Do you know Gage?"
"No I sure wish I did though. I know Nathan."
by Labbitus equus June 09, 2013
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A very beautiful guy. Usually thinks he’s an asshole, but is really not. He will usually tell someone he is only nice to them. He is also a huge Grammer Nazi. Hell my sentences are probably bothering him, but it’s adorable. He usually has a dark state of mind or sense of humor. He is still an amazing, hilarious, beautiful, and over all amazing person. He can really be clueless sometimes but his girlfriend loves it. He also has the most amazing eyes and smile. Usually has an adorable laugh. If you want a good person who is loyal in your life find someone like Gage.
Girl 1- Gurl he is literally so great I’m so lucky to be dating him
Girl 2- I know he’s all you ever talk about
Girl 1- I know I can’t wait till you find a Gage you deserve one
by Brim-For-Life June 10, 2018
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A male with the coolest underwear you will ever find. A Gage isn't the jock of the group and far from the most popular. A man named Gage doesn't have the most hugest shlong, but is still good at using it. He is also considered a loose cannon because you never know what he's gonna do next. One minute a Gage will be calm, cool, and collected, and the next he will be doing a dinosaur impersonation. That is just one of the reasons why he is considered so funny. A girl is considered lucky to have even graced his mind. The only forsee-able problems with a Gage are his hair(it's probably long) and his massive amounts of laziness. That and the popularity thing. In short, probably not you.
Guy #1: Dude, did you see Gage at that party yesterday?
Guy #2: No, I was too busy trying to jerk one out to that Rebecca Black video. Why, what did he do?
Guy #1: Only everything! First, he showed everyone his sweet underwear, then he banged every hot girl there! It was crazy. All those girls were walking around bowlegged and smiling today. Why isn't he he sitting at the lunch table with those popular people?
Guy #2: IDK but Man I wish I was him.
by P0TARTER July 12, 2011
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