Toes, the things at the end of your feet.
Ma tootsies are cauld
by Gav April 14, 2004
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Very sexy toes and/or feet, most likely a woman's.
She had some seriously hot tootsies, made me want to do nasty things to her.

Her tootsies were so cute and perfect they were lickable.
by Gilly girl August 11, 2007
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Tootsies is the secret code name for the hotttttest guy in school!!!!!!!! he is so dreamy and like every girl loves him!!!!!!! i'm not going to say his real name, but i will give you a hint.... he has brown eyes, brown hair, mumbles, is popular, and is in 7th grade in new canaan!!!!
by celebrity April 22, 2005
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Another word for the human foot. Somewhat of a childish term.
My girlfriend squeals when I tickle her tootsies!
by MACHone Inc. October 7, 2005
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A 1980's comedy starring Dustin Hoffman. Quite possibly the funniest and most wonderful comedy of all time.
Yeah...The Graduate was good, but give me Tootsie any day!
by butterboy October 17, 2005
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a cute thing to say when u have nothing else to say,if you can say it whilst smiling with dimples and goofy teeth
tom:hey how do you like george bush? ellen:hes tootsies!
by tootsies87 January 7, 2008
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