She is the prettiest person of the world and the sweetest girl you ever met. She has a beautiful personality, gorgeous eyes and is the best person that’ll ever happen to you. She thinks she’s ugly but you know she isn’t just tell her compliments about her and she’ll gain more self confindence. She is also very talented but also shy at the first moment you met her, just speak to her (or she’ll speak to you) and you’ll love her. If you get to know her better she is open minded, funny and has a beautiful soul. Maxima is THE girl next door. She cares more about others than about herself and if she feels bad she tries to smile and hide her pain. Maxima make friends easily but she also get rid of toxic people quickly. Every girl wants to be her friend and every guy wants to have her at his side. If you find a Maxima, hold on to her because you’ll regret if you lose her!
Guy: Wow! Did you see her, who is this?
Boy: This is Maxima! I love her.
Guy: Do you think I can ask her out?
Boy: She’s already mine, sorry!
by strangerfromthisworld January 08, 2019
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Starting off as the Datsun 810 in 1977 with rear-wheel drive and a semi-trailing arm rear suspension with a 2.4L OHC straight 6 engine from the 240Z. It has been suggested that this be called the Zero Generation because it never really wore the Nissan Maxima badge, so in late 1980/early 1981, Nissan made a base called the Deluxe, still with rear wheel drive and a 2.4L OHC straight 6, being officially named the Nissan Maxima in 1984. The second generation, much as the same as today, was the first front-wheel drive model, and the third generation was BMW inspired, introducing the DOHC VE30DE in the SE model.
by Douchebag February 28, 2004
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A luxury import car by Nissan that tries to introduce innovations before other manufacturers, and sacrifices relibility in the process.
A car by Nissan that has a good engine and transmission, but all other systems are in doubt.
My mother had a 1985 Nissan Maxima, and in the nine years she had it, the A/C compressor broke 3 times, the alternator broke 3 times, and the battery had to be replaced once a year. She had friends with 1986, 1987, and 1988 Maximas, and they had similar problems.
by Artificialist November 16, 2005
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A sleeper created by Nissan that needs to be awakened. For the most part, it can burn any riced out Honda bone stock on it's VQ30DE/VQ35DE.
Nissan Maxima running on Nissan's proud VQ engine!
by bluA32 August 16, 2003
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The wife of the Dutch crown prince. She's the daughter of a former member of the Argentinan junta, but nevertheless very beloved in the Netherlands.
by Andre December 15, 2003
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Purlovia Maxima is a creature that appears in Ark: Survival Evolved that lives in the redwoods, it can dig underground and hide there until a creature or player comes to close and the Purlovia will leap out causing you to get stunned for 5 seconds and in that five seconds your probably gonna die, and when you tame it you can use it as a trap for your base in PVP and if you have another one you can hide your items in it's inventory, and if you’re a part of a tribe that has a few Purlovia hiding underground only you and your tribe can see the mound of dirt and anyone outside the tribe can't see it.
Player 1: okay were gonna raid this base right there but be careful that they might have some Purlovia Maxima so watch out!.
by Debo emerarudo April 11, 2020
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