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Child of Nissan. Best example of great japanese cars. Luxury, power, design, comfort, reliability, style, extraordinary.
Ex-girlfriend: So what do you drive now?
You: An Infiniti G20
Ex-girlfriend: Wow, you serious?
You: Yeah
Ex-girlfriend: So whatchu' doin' tonight babe?...
You: *smirk*
by Fraychild October 08, 2003
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Like Cadillac, the next big leader in the automotive luxury field. Propelled by such winners as the FX35, FX45, G35 sedan, and G35 coupe, Infiniti sales have been soaring. Upcoming models such as the M45 feature best-in-class features with 340HP V8s.
My G35 has 277HP while your Beemer is more expensive and slower.
by J September 28, 2004
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japanese inspired american luxury car, luxury nissans
spelled infiniti not infinity
My infiniti G35 owns ur IS350 foo (:
by towelhead the mexican September 30, 2006
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Great japanese car, it's the better type for nissan, same as lexus is to toyota. their best cars r: FX45 SUV, G35 coupe Q45 V8 sedan
people who buy cars just cuz they're german r dumbasses, the Q45 provides luxury, comfort, power (365 HP, 0-60 mph in 5.9 sec) and has the best BOSE sterio system, i know all this cuz i own one.
by SAS February 02, 2005
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She is very loyal to whom her heart belongs too, She's very beautiful, smart and out going. When she say something she means it, she can be a bit bitter sometimes, her insecurities and low self esteem sometimes take over her. She can be a bit of crazy at times, She does things without thinking. But in the end if she cares, she'll make it alright! You'll be lucky to meet an Infiniti. Who ever she settle down with male/female they'll love her forever. She is very open with her sexuality. Don't taker her friendship or relationship for granted. You'll regret losing her!
Infiniti how you doing today?
*Does it matter?*
Infiniti You're Beautiful.
*Thanks, But no im not*
by Lovelost123458773tyyh November 26, 2013
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A Nissan with luxury options--in short, a utilitarian car with snob appeal.
"Is that a Maxima?"
"No, it is not! It is an Infiniti I30!"
"In other's a Maxima."
by Qit June 25, 2004
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