An adjective used by professors to compliment other professors' personal style. Derived from the chili pepper category on a college professor rating website.
Q: "Does this turtleneck make me look jowly?"
A: "No way, it's so chili peppers."
by Pinky Alaska March 30, 2008
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short for Red Hot Chili Peppers, aka RHCP, aka THE GREATEST BAND IN THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD.....EVER!!!!!
"Dude.....the chili peppers rock"
"yeah man they do."
"dude their shows are insane"
"yeah man they are"
by SHARON AND SONYA February 27, 2005
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A young hot latina girl that is constantly wearing skanky clothes.
Hey look at that chili pepper over there at the light, shes a sexy mami.
by mandoof November 12, 2010
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The korean word "gochu" (고추), which means "chili pepper" is also used as a slang word for "penis". This K-Pop inside joke may refer to EXOs Lay or BTSs Jimin.
Person: Jimin has a small Chili Pepper
JK: *shows a small size with his fingers*
by xiuchenlay January 24, 2018
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15 million Scoville bare minimum. This bitch will knock your socks off like a dog in World War II. Take this shit with a megaton of milk, and yogurt, because without the correct rations, it could be your one way ticket to the grave. Be sure to have the U.S. arm y forces on your side for this one pal, it'll blow you away into a storm of strong emotions. Once you're finished fighting the big ass war of a fight, you'll become immortal to all spices, you'll join the X-Men for your amazing ability.
by ErockTheParty December 08, 2018
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Before anal sex, provide your unsuspecting partner with a large dose of powerful laxatives. After applying a condom, coat your now erect penis with a thick layer of sexual lubricant, which, prior to, you will have replaced with tabasco sauce. Upon penetration, your partner’s rectum will immediately begin to swell and inflame, resulting in significantly increased pleasure. After several minutes of penetration, the tabasco sauce lubricant will have oozed out of the butthole, threatening the integrity of your condom, and risking exposure to the now puss-infused spicy shit sauce. At around this time, the laxatives enter the equation. Liquid shit floods your partner’s anal cavity, spewing around your throbbing cock and moistening the rectum. After ejaculation, you may force you partner to ingest the mixture of cum, diarrhea, and hot sauce, depending on whether or not he or she is still conscious.
“She had to get asshole replacement surgery after receiving the dreaded Mexican Chili Pepper.”
by Bobby Autismic December 21, 2018
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The act of pouring hot sauce on an African American male's erect penis before sucking the sauce off with one's mouth- optionally, and most often, while performing oral pleasure. The name of the act can change in accordance with the male's ethnicity- for example, Korean Chili Pepper or East Indian Chili Pepper.
I saw her eying that black guy most of the night- I smell an African Chili Pepper coming on...

I don't imagine a Korean Chili Pepper would require much sauce, but take what you need.
by davecreedance May 25, 2009
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