A reduction in the hemoglobin of red blood cells with consequent dificiency of oxygen, leading to weakness and pallor. (Real dictionary definition)
Because she had Anemia, Kayleen was always sick.
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
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anemia is when you don't have alot of iron in your blood.
usually when you have anemia you take 2 pills everyday and you can get tired easily even if you have 9 hours of sleep already.but that's only if you don't take your pills.
and sometimes your doctor will put you on a special diet to make you get more iron in your blood.
by SarahStunna July 27, 2009
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as opposed to the medical bullshit basically means always fuckin tired,
by cherry blossom January 12, 2004
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noun: a medical condition in which a student spends so much time working/studying that they neglect their body's basic needs such as eating and sleeping and consequently suffer from symptoms akin to anemia.

Symptoms include constant tiredness/exhaustion, lack of strength and vigor, shortness of breath, slower comprehension and cognitive functions, constant headache ranging from minor to migraine, and in extreme instances, blurred vision.

Most commonly seen in students in the weeks leading up to and including midterm and finals weeks.
After his last final Eric went home to sleep off his academic anemia.
by Jotunheim December 17, 2010
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Avoiding social interaction for so long one becomes completely inept socially.
A person so awkward in social situations they are avoided like they have a disease.
He's been playing Diablo III for so long now he's gonna get social anemia.
by ashes53 May 24, 2012
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Financial, emotional and physical drain on society as a result of insurrection activities by unstable, treasonous individuals.
The United $tates suffers from Seditious Anemia at one of the worst times in our history
by The cow Hunter January 14, 2021
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A disease occurring when someone is so full of shit that it actually runs through their blood.
The avid bullshitter was diagnosed with a severe case of Fecal Cell Anemia.
by sinner86 February 10, 2008
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