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A geek with culture and social skillz (as opposed to a nerd). A turdhead may enjoy trivia or tng, but he/she also enjoys hitting the clubs or playing sports.

This is someone you might envy but whose company you enjoy. The negative title brings 'em down to earth so you don't have to.
John Stewart may be the best example these days.

"While Q is a geek, James Bond is most a Turdhead."
by Q August 18, 2004

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One who has a boss eye and violates badgers
badger fucker
"Oh for fucks sake what has that boss eyed badger fucker done now?"
by Q November 03, 2003

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When a woman is sitting on a man's face (69 position or otherwise) and she smears her dirty ass all over his face. Just like getting a mudpack facial at the spa.
I gave John a mississippi mudpack the other day. He's still picking shit out of his nose.
by Q April 27, 2004

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the worlds best tv show its a show that has millions ov sketches wi scottish people in it the best are : alan and bob,the painters,betty the slapper the lonesome shopkeeper, jack and victor the invisible boss nd the light house men
have you seen that bit on chewin the fat wi the ..........
by q May 07, 2005

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1) The opposite of 1337.

2) Used to describe someone or something that is not of the 1337 community.

3) Used as an insult to one who is of the 1337 community.
D00d, you are so un1337.
Microsoft is un1337.
by Q April 28, 2004

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An ignorant asshole
George Bush is an ignoranus
by Q September 06, 2003

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Used for such a crazy event, that it can not be defined with simple adjectives.
Man that bitch was stupid fly, and that party was off the heezy.
by Q February 17, 2003

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