(1)n- soemone who pays exorbitant prices for drugs. (2)v- to rip someone off when selling them drugs. (3)n- someone who is addicted to materialism & consumerism.
(1)trey bought an 1/8 for $60, what a custie! (2)i custied out mike when he bought that gram off me. (3)page is being such a custie for shopping so much.
by ebbnphlow May 21, 2005
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It's the definition by insiders of the jamband lot scene to describe the people who attend shows just recreationally, instead of devoting their lives to living on the "lot".

These people are generally the source of funds that allow the scene to exist because they have jobs.
"I need to get enough money to make it to Alpine, so I need to sell these doses to some custies after the show"
by Been there done that April 14, 2013
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N. Noun derived from the word customer, referring to those who are attempting to purchase drugs. A custie is not a good thing to be. A primary goal of the dealer is to rip off custies. It is, however, their own damn fault for being so stupid.

Custies are often those who use drugs occasionally at most and are not aware of the street value of a said drug, nor of what denotes quality. As such, they are easy targets.
Example one: Hey brah, I just sold some bunk doses to some custie chick.

Example two:

Person one - They won't buy acid for $15 a hit, man. You got that shit for $6 a hit.

Person two - Dem's custies, nig!
by IcculusTheGreat August 10, 2009
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A poser. Someone who goes to a "jamband" show yet doesn't know anything about the band, goes to the show because its deemed cool, has subwoofers that play 50 Cent all day in their SUV, wears the stereotypical hippy clothing, and makes fun of people who talk about 'positive vibes' and 'positive energy.' This describes, in essence, 95% of all Widespread Panic fans and also would be appropriate terminology for 80% of the crowds at Phish shows from 1999 and on.
"Dude, what is Todd doing at this Phish show? That jackass wears polo shirts with flipped up collars and yet today he has flip flops on with patchwork pants and a retro Dead shirt on from 77! Todd wouldn't know good music if it bit him on the ass. What a custie!"
by Jive Turkey April 12, 2005
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Short for 'customer'- drug dealer slang used to denote either a customer in general or a customet who would pay higher then average prices for the drugs. Can also be used a s a verb 'to custie someone'.

'Super' is often added to strengthen the word (ie a supercustie)
Mike is such a custie...he paid $60 for this eighth of weed.

As verb: I totally custied Mike. He got custie.
by P-town really oldskool March 18, 2004
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orginally referring only to customers of a drug dealer be it all the time or just on lot but now has taken the form of an insult to refer to all sorts of dumbasses be it just a customer whom you tax too the point they are moronic for paying, a customer whom you continually short, or even a person who gets the wings they did not earn ripped off
1 "man that custie just bought this eigth of middies for 60!"

2 "i cut these quarter inch doses down to 10mm and sold them to that custie he pissed himself he was so excited"

3 "man did you hear about mark? he got his wings ripped off! what a custie fuck"
by dopestarmuca August 18, 2010
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mittens of jambase
Look at that 16 year old kid, his names mittens, i bet you hes buying a dose for 20 bux. Dude defines custie.
by I'm super heady yo December 10, 2010
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