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A person who takes the cap off of a milk carton and puts their dick in the carton hole like a pussy.
Carl: I finally found out what Steve does in his bedroom, the guy's a total Milkman.
by Professional Educator September 21, 2020
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When you make a large sacrifice for something so little and has lesser value than what you had sacrificed.
1) I sold my car yesterday so I don't have to pay for the insurance. I made a really logical action!

2) I paid $7,947 so that I could fill my house with old lamps. I am broke now, but at least I can see every part of my house! There was a logical action to be made, so I made it!

3) I sold my 74 inch TV in exchange for multiple TV remotes so I never lose track of them. I then sold half of the amount of remotes to get a new 32 inch TV. I think what I did was a pretty good logical action.
by Professional Educator July 3, 2019
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When you pull out to nut on her face but you miss so you spit on her face instead.
Dave: Hey I fucked my girlfriend last night.
Patrick: How'd it go?
Dave: Redemption.
Patrick: What the fuck?
by Professional Educator September 22, 2020
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To paint one's penis green and then put cookies in their grandmas ass, and then put the penis in the ass.
Her: How was the family reunion?
Him: It was a total Green Penis Grandma Cookie!
Her: Holy FUCK!!
by Professional Educator September 22, 2020
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Tim: I went to the Arctic yesterday!
Steve: How was it?
Tim: It was hot!
Steve: ...
by Professional Educator September 22, 2020
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Someone who is really sketchy and suspicious. Someone who can't be trusted.
Guy: Hey that guy wants to meet me in an alley!
Girl: That's creepy AF.
Guy: Yeah he seems like a Black Republican.
by Professional Educator September 22, 2020
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