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Similar to when you can't read, only this means mathematically challenged. Math was most likely your worst subject because you just don't know what you're doing in that class. Math really stumps you if you're math-illiterate; you often fail to comprehend numbers, adding, subtracting, etc.

Complete opposite of math-literate.
Marilyn is really excellent at english and history and always helps her friends with those subjects, but when it comes to geometry she's really math-illiterate.
by PrincessR November 26, 2009

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A combination of the colors blue and purple
In art class, I mixed together a new color using blue and purple...it was so pretty! It's so blurple!
by PrincessR November 24, 2009

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leave me the fuck alone; drop dead, go to hell, etc.
If you're not gonna help me when I feel bad, and just rub it all in, then just L.M.T.F.A.!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009

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Code word for full of shit to get you out of trouble. You say it to someone and they just look confused when other people might realize what it means. Can also be pronounced Fos for short.
When my teacher told me that my homework assignment I turned in was worth a D when I knew it was worth and A, I said "You're F.O.S., this work is flawless!" I got sent to the office because apparently he knew what F.O.S. meant.
by PrincessR December 06, 2009

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When you're texting two people and you accidently send the wrong text to the other person. Such as, when you're texting your BFF and then your crush texts you and you send your crush the text you meant for your BFF.
(Through texts)

Me: Hey, Mandy.

Mandy: Hey, girl, what's up?

Me: So, I was thinking about taking my relationship to the next level with Jake...

Jake: Really? I've been waiting lol

*me: I'm so embarassed! That was the right text, wrong person!*
by PrincessR November 23, 2009

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Petite and curvy. A female that has small features, such as being small boned, short, and not weighing that much, but at the same time being filled out in all the right places.

Such as if a female weighs 120 and is 5'2, but she has a nice sized butt and breasts, and she has muscles, she'd be considered purvy.

Not considered volouptuous because it's still petite, but it's definately being filled out and having a body that's matured over the years.
1. Just because Eva Longoria is slender and petite, doesn't mean she's scrawny and looks like a little kid; she's actually purvy!

2. People like Mo'Nique always considers petite women to be be bony, whether they're filled out and purvy or not; maybe because they're under a certain weight!

3. I've known alot of girls that were taller than me, but weighed less than me, maybe because I was built purvy and they were built like poles!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009

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can be pronounced bolf
this refers to Bitch Others'd Like to Fuck
this pretty much means a mean girl with a bad personality, but she's attractive and/or popular, therefore she makes people want to sleep with her.

Or, it can be any random girl that may or may not be attractive and have a good personality, but people want to sleep with her anyway just because they're horny and she's there.
1. Man, that girl Jenna is so mean to people she doesn't even know. Her personality is just jank!
I'd still fuck her, though! She's hot! Definately a B.O.L.F.

2. Last night, he was so drunk that he totally had sex with that B.O.L.F. just because she was drunk, too! Any regrets, I wonder?
by PrincessR November 26, 2009

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