1) Phrase used to mean "I have no interest in listening to, speaking to, or being near you". Synonyms: "fuck off", "die".

2) To 'zone out' and lie immovable on the ground, often after consuming cannabis.
1) "So, you want to go for coffee some time?"
"Drop dead."

2) "Where's Mike?"
"He dropped dead on the grass outside. He's like a beached whale."
by Wundergusterbustus October 19, 2005
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used to emphasize how attractive someone or something is.
My girlfriend called me gorgeous so I called her drop-dead

Aka: Dallis
by Jordan gay October 30, 2019
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Extremely good looking person who makes heads turn when they walk into the room
Wow did you see Emma she is drop dead gorgeous
by molli March 8, 2015
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Looks so fine that you could literally die from looking at them
Smh i cant look at gabby she’s drop dead gorgeous
by Anonononomouys February 8, 2020
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An extremely good movie. Has a very deep and strongly emotional storyline if you are actually capable of paying attention to more than just the jokes.
dumb person: This movie Drop Dead Fred isn't very good. Comedies are supposed to be really funny.

smart person: You are a moron.
by Qdef September 4, 2007
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Drop Dead,Gorgeous is an amazing Screamo/Metal/hXc band from Denver Colorado.
Some of their influences include:
Norma Jean
The Bled
Fear Before the March of Flames

Amazing music and lyrics.
Person: Dude, wanna go see Drop Dead, Gorgeous tonight ?
Other person: FUCK YES.
by Cessaley July 15, 2006
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Someone who at first glance is so gorgeous, it is hard to look away. So you look on which makes your heart beat faster and then time slows. Your heart follows slowing while thumping louder and louder. Then you open one eye then the next the doctor turns to your girlfriend and says he's fine. 50 years later you tell your grandkids the day you actually saw someone so fine you almost dropped dead.
I was sitting in the pub and I glimpsed Empress P walking pass so I ran over to the door the next thing I remembered was waking up in PMH with a doctor standing over me saying Empress P must be in Town we have another case of Drop Dead Gorgeous.
by Prof Bodhi January 17, 2008
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