Over-flowing with sex appeal
Casey and Jonathan are os dam sexiful
1.Beautiful (meaning gorgeous inside and out) and sexy (meaning comfortable flaunting what you've got), at the same time

2. Full of sexuality and always up for sex.
1. Hayden Panetierre is actually pretty, but she can be mature and sexy at times, so I think of her as sexiful.

2. My boyfriend is so sexiful, which may or may not be a good thing.
by PrincessR November 25, 2009
Adjective meaning incredibly sexy, and mind blowingly beautiful at the same time. Very good for texting use and abuse. Can be used for guys and girls, but mostly girls.
"Damn gurrl you lookin fine and sexiful today."
*Girl smacks him upside the head with social studies book.*
by Ghetto Nerd April 16, 2011
meaning something or someone is beautiful. Take it as a Compliments when given don’t be offended, it’s nothing perverted
Kianna: Hey what do you think of my dress?

Franky: hmm hat looks really sexiful on you, I like it.
by Frankk the tank July 2, 2018
1. A person who is very attractive, hunky, Sexy & Talented
2. See 'Ed Graham'
'Ed Graham from the Darkness is verry Sexiful!'
by Lilly March 9, 2004