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An extremely fobby asian guy.
An asian man with no sense of western fashion or social customs, and speaks with very limted English (if any at all), with a very heavy Asian accent. Usually works in the I.T. industry.
"Look at Sir Chink a Lot over there wearing the high water pants and the SAP software conference sweatshirt."
by Poonstankqua January 16, 2009
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A Thai person who thinks they are black and tries to act all ghetto and shit. The thai version of a wigger or a chigger
That Thai hip hop group Thaitanium are a bunch of Tiggers with their gold chains and baggy pants. They think they are from Brooklyn, when they are actually from Bangkok.
by Poonstankqua December 5, 2010
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"OMG Mark, you have the original cast album of Company, you are the king of shtunes!"
by Poonstankqua January 15, 2009
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an interracial relationship consisting of one partner of east or southeast Asian descent and an extremely white caucasion person. A rice and potato couple usually consists of one extremely fobby Asian and a dweeby white person.
Hung Lo and Edgar are the typical gay rice and potatoes couple. They eat dumplings with mayonnaise.
by Poonstankqua January 7, 2009
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slang for Australian Pussy, or for simply an Australian woman.
"See the hot Australian girl over there eating the Vegemite sandwich? I'd love to taste her Kangaroo Cunt."

"Kylie Minogue is one hot Kangaroo Cunt."
by Poonstankqua January 14, 2009
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A Pinkberry frozen yogurt location with a very high ratio of Asian clientele.
The Pinkberry on 32nd street in the Koreatown neighborhood of Manhattan is totally a Chinkberry.
by Poonstankqua July 2, 2009
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Slang for home goods store Bed Bath and Beyond or for R&B pop diva Beyonce Knowles.

coined by Johnny Tacoma
" I need to go to Bed Bath and Beyonce and get a toilet seat."

"That sistah is shaking her booty like she think she be Bed Bath and Beyonce."
by Poonstankqua January 10, 2009
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