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an expression with multiple meanings but all of them refer to the state of being drunk.
1. Being drunk but not shit-faced.. Can still stand and talk with only slightly slurred speech. (see example for proper usage)
2. The condition of having a severe hangover from your coochie be stankin from the night before (see example for proper usage)
3. The antipatory mood of looking forward to your coochie stankin later that night. (see example for proper usage)
coined by Johnny Takoma
1. "I had one too many vodka tonics at Happy Hour, now my coochie be stankin bad."

2. "My coochie be stankin today from my coochie be stankin from last night at Happy Hour , now give me some tylenol!"

3. "My coochie be stankin for a cocktail right now. I can't wait to get off work and head down to happy hour to start the process of my coochie be stankin."
by Poonstankqua February 01, 2009

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Slang for home goods store Bed Bath and Beyond or for R&B pop diva Beyonce Knowles.

coined by Johnny Tacoma
" I need to go to Bed Bath and Beyonce and get a toilet seat."

"That sistah is shaking her booty like she think she be Bed Bath and Beyonce."
by Poonstankqua January 10, 2009

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an unconvincing, cheap hair weave worn by a ghetto black woman who can't afford anything better.
"Latonya aint fooling nobody with that ghetto-ass nig wig on her head."
by Poonstankqua January 14, 2009

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a cocktail popular in Washington, DC and Massachussets. Consists of Vodka, club soda, and a splash of cranberry juice. Garnished with a lemon wedge. A lo carb version of The Cape Code. Named after Rose Kennedy, the mother of President John F. Kennedy.

Also known simply as a "Rose."
"Bitch, I want to get drunk like a Kennedy, but I don't want to get fat like Ted, so I'll be drinking me some Rose Kennedys."
by Poonstankqua January 12, 2009

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An asian from the San Francisco Bay area.
Silicon Valley is full of Baysians
by Poonstankqua December 25, 2008

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A gay male (usually caucasian) who is exclusive attracted to Korean men.
Matt is such a Kimchee Queen! He hangs out at The Super H Mart just to scope out guys.
by Poonstankqua January 07, 2009

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A martini chased with a percoset, valium, or some other prescription painkiller.
Named after Liza Minnelli, because she is notorious for being a big boozer and addicted to prescription painkillers.
"That Lizatini I had last night really knocked me off my ass! I slept 15 hours straight."
by Poonstankqua January 11, 2009

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