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a tiny red bug that lives in the grass in the midwest that sucks your blood. can create rash and itch and shit.
fuck, i got a chigger bite
by definerX April 07, 2007
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An offensive term for a chinese person who thinks their black. (chinese nigger)

Similar to wigger which is a white person who thinks they are or act like they are black.
Kai Chin Phan is a chigger.
by GenocideX March 03, 2005
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a mite that u can get from being in tall grass and shit like that...they itch and they sck major asshole...they look gross
dude...haha i got chiggers from castro
by doublechin August 17, 2007
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a person of asian decent who somehow becomes confused and begins thinking they are black. can usually be seen wearing outdated baggy clothes or exact outfits seen in rap videos. they can be heard over using slang tearms like dawgg, homey, son, potna, etc. chigger=wigger but for asians
picture jackie chan being made over by master p. that would be a chigger.
by Speakdatruth March 08, 2006
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it's a fuckin' bug you racist sons-of-bitches.
Look at that huge fuckin' chigger. He must have skeet-skeeted all over that sand-nigger's face for he's all tired out.
by Z Dirty May 31, 2005
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