The 35th and the greatest president ever. If that dickwad didn't shoot him, he would have probably made America 10 times better and made world peace. He was also the only president NOT to be full of shit. He probably stopped another world war by fixing the missile crisis. He was also a World War II Veteran. He saved the lives of himself and another soldier by swimming to an island with the backpack strap of another man clenched between his teeth.
John F. Kennedy is the best president ever.
by brucedamoose June 22, 2010
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A truly great president for what he managed to accomplish during his very short term, although seems to be remembered more as a martyr due to his assasination than for his political accomplishments since he has not had much time.
John F. Kennedy's assasination was a day of national mourning.
by axon December 30, 2005
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That's really all there is to it.
by Ryan August 13, 2004
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Assassinated By The United States Government Due to his power of bringing Civil Rights and Equality To Every Race.

Lee Harvey Oswald Clamined to killed him which he didn't and when he said he didn't, The Government got a Hitman to kill him. Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby by the government because he spoiled the plan in which he was going to get the death penalty anyways because the government staged and framed the killing of the shooting. Lee Harvey Oswald Clamied he didn't killed JFK, The government gotten Jack Ruby to kill him due to he said he didn't kill JFK And it would bring alot of Publicity to the government. We are so brainwashed by the government in which they killed JFK.
Government has no life.
"Hey, We made an accomplishment, We've killed John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Sent Aids into Africa set up 9/11 to go to Iraq for the oil, this is quite an accomplishment!
by JFKIsLegend March 17, 2008
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A president that only did what any other president would have done in his shoes. A man that actually took charge against terrorists unlike fat Ted.
JFK was so famous because he was assasinated. If he wasnt, he would be another 4-year president. He also knows that peace isn't always the way to solve problems
by laxer February 7, 2005
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The president who nailed more fine pussy than any other man that was ever in the Oval Office. During WW2, he was boning a Nazi spy. Then, in 1952, he married a ravishingly hot heiress named Jacqueline, who later appeared naked in Hustler magazine. By the time he was president in 1961, he was having multiple affairs with dozens of women including: Mary Tyler Moore who was still married to Dick Van Dyke; Jayne Mansfield - a famous satanist, actress and nude model; Judith Exner - the mistress of a mafia boss; Angie Dickenson - a nyphomaniac redhead; and most famously Marilyn Monroe, who he murdered in 1962.

After a while, Kennedy's whoring ways made even the Gambino crime family red faced with shame. A secret alliance of assassins was formed, which carried out the JFK assasination on 11/22/1963. This black alliance consisted of mobsters, Cuban patriots, the Memphis Mafia including Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker, Texas politicians and conservative government agents working in tandem w/ FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who was a gay Republican.
John F Kennedy nabbed more fine poon than any leader in the history of the world including Caligula.

There is no woman on earth, who John F. Kennedy could not screw.
by Assex 776 November 26, 2007
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The greatest president ever. You would be dead without him.
Little boy you would not be here without John F. Kennedy
by JohnF.KennedySavedUs June 11, 2023
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