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A term given to people that make completely unrealistic bitmojis on snapchat. Specifically referring to the people that make their bitmojis appear as if they are 99.9% more attractive than they are in reality. This can make many people victim after adding someone on snapchat based on their bitmojis promising looks, but lowkey you are about to start a streak with a 15 ton loch ness monster that happens to still be in junior high... Dafuq is this..
I added this girl on snapchat with a decent looking bitmoji the other day. Turns out it was an old ass gilf that was trying to smash. That distorted bitch played some disieving ass shit on me. Oh well I guess, I'm not picky we got 14 day streak rn lol!
by Platezz January 25, 2018

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The hoe over there that hasn't received much of her usual attention from guys even after many attempts. They normally lose attention after becoming too clingy or their might just be new hoe in the building taking up all her business.
"I've noticed that lacey has become a shadowed thot lately. She looks extra desperate today. I'll see you later, I'm going to try and smash."
by Platezz January 25, 2018

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Act of not giving af until shit becomes personal. Then you are physically required to handle the situation by any means fucking necessary.

The 12 law's of Weinhold:
- Fuck her right in the pussy (FHRITP)
- drink protein shakes and beer
- be the party god
- must experience being blacked out at least once
- catch STD's like pokeman
- there are only 2 genders..

- master the theory of the chick magnet
- have sex into your elderly age
- avoid the friendzone like the plague
- Bust a mother fuckers head open if they be asking for it
- lift heavy fucky weights
- make others follow these rules
After my buddy followed the laws of the weinhold he was admitted to a hospital for a month before he died. It was neat
by Platezz January 25, 2018

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A sexual action that involves a man trust falling onto the back side of a women. As the man is landing he needs to calculate for his penis to enter the anal cavity perfectly. Miscalculation lead to a broken dick. *Not a game for the family to play*
“Bro, I finally pulled off a lunar landing on my girlfriend last night. It only took four painful attempts before I stabbed the moon.”
by Platezz January 25, 2018

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When a really bland looking chick gives you a boner for a some odd reason. At this point in your life you will really stop and think about how low your standards have become..
Me: Dude I don’t know what it is about our 80 year old librarian woman, but damn she keeps giving me a bona lisa.

Friend: I feel like you need to see a therapist my dude
by Platezz January 25, 2018

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The act of keeping a streak going on snapchat with your friend that recently died until the streak ends. It's very psychopathic, but kinda neat.

This term may also may refer to a person that sends nothing but dead animals to the people he streaks with. Nobody probably knows what he looks like cause he only sends dead shit to them LMAO.
This boy named John sends nothing but deadass streakzz to me. he literally takes a picture of anything that is dead and sends it to me. He's been sending me stuff for over 236 straight days now.
by Platezz January 25, 2018

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A nickname for masturbation. Mainly refers to people with fat little chode dicks.
Me: Morning Kory, I assume you were picking on the fat kid last huh?

Kory: Yes, it was like the the eruption of Mt St Helens all over my bed.
by Platezz January 24, 2018

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