|hous smel|
house smell is the smell that of a guy or girl without perfume or cologne. It is usually the smell of the laundry detergent on their clothes. Many people enjoy house smell on a person, especially when you're being hugged by them. It makes you feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes you can just imagine house smell.
exp. "damn, Ian was hugging me yesterday and I just couldn't get enough of his house smell."

exp. "Those girls over there didn't seem to like my house smell all too much"
by MADCOC June 7, 2010
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the distinct scent of a family and their home. House smell usually consists of a combination of the laundry detergent, candles, perfumes, animals, and food the family has in their home. Each house has a different house smell.
"Have you been to Jamie's house? It has an amazing house smell."
by basicrockwallbitch May 8, 2016
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