Noun - A unit of measurement equal to the amount of edible substance left in a container that anyone else would throw a way, but a Weinhold will save until it molds or is extracted.

Verb - To extract a Weinhold from a container.

From the Prussian family of Weinhold, mostly located in Southeastern Wisconsin. Common also in Ontario, Canada.
Stina was ready to wash and recycle the peanut butter jar, but Brendan stopped her. "There's still a Weinhold left in there. I'll Weinhold it."
by Lochleinn December 10, 2013
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A spineless man that is often beaten by women and walked all over by his co -workers. Also known for having very little self respect and dignity.
Eric Weinhold often eats left and right hooks from his baby momma.
by Br22rr March 09, 2019
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Act of not giving af until shit becomes personal. Then you are physically required to handle the situation by any means fucking necessary.

The 12 law's of Weinhold:
- Fuck her right in the pussy (FHRITP)
- drink protein shakes and beer
- be the party god
- must experience being blacked out at least once
- catch STD's like pokeman
- there are only 2 genders..

- master the theory of the chick magnet
- have sex into your elderly age
- avoid the friendzone like the plague
- Bust a mother fuckers head open if they be asking for it
- lift heavy fucky weights
- make others follow these rules
After my buddy followed the laws of the weinhold he was admitted to a hospital for a month before he died. It was neat
by Platezz January 24, 2018
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