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Korys are the nicest guys you will ever meet they are not like any other guys they are extremely charming and very loyal they are also very handsome even though they might not think so themselves they often have a great sense of humour and are often very tall they are all around the best boyfriend you could ask for they truly are the love of your life.
Your dating kory!? Wow your so lucky
by Truthteller82847 March 19, 2019
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The most amazing man in the world! He is caring and sincere, loving and intelligent, and most of all the best boyfriend anyone could have! He is the Sunshine of your life!
Kory is amazing!
by smileymonkey December 22, 2010
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A bad ass motha who don't take shit off NOBODY!!!!! He is also a really cool dude who throws really good parties... He's not bad with the ladies either!
Oh man, did you see that Kory, I want to be like him some day!
by youknowmeimkory February 07, 2010
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Totally cool sweet swag girl loves to laugh and has a beautiful smile has sparkly brown eyes and really cool black hair and a good sense of style and her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ;)
Omg I love kory

I Know she's sooo cool
by swaggynesssss January 01, 2014
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AKA KornWallace AKA Kor-Wal JR.

Kory smokes kronja all day like its his job! when people says its 420 somewhere its Korys house! Oh yea his a pimp too!! To Koryed means to take a gravity bong hit.
Hey man lets get Koryed!
Yo I got Koryed this morning, so hi!
Yoo! Girl! wanna get koryed!!
by 2hundred and 20 grams! February 02, 2012
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Korys are one of strangest guys you'll ever meet, and unpredictable too. usually smart, but does stuff without thinking all around a pretty good guy who doesn't give a fuck sometimes
by nonam.oki July 30, 2019
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