Originating in NYC, not in jersey... meaning my friend, homie, my son, and my nig
yo my dude wats good,wat u dealin wit.
my dude u wylin
by cpr July 12, 2006
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The male equivalent of "my lady" (British origin), generally used as a respectable form of address.
Straight guy from 1919: Wanna join me in a dance, my lady?

Gay (or straight) guy from 2019: Wanna join me in a dance, my dude?
by UwUltimateDoge October 23, 2019
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my dude is the Chicago term for boyfriend or close male companion.
I can't go out tonight my dude be trippin'.
by lafemme October 12, 2013
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A phrase used to describe a male that one is particularly fond of. Typically a role model or close friend, especially a best friend
Guy 1: Man I feel like we tell each other everything! I think we're best friends

Guy 2: You know you my dude!

Guy 1: I saw this movie the other day with Idris Elba in it. It was legit!

Guy 2: Idris Elba is my dude!
by HaagenDaszButtons December 19, 2016
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A way of talking to people when you don’t wanna call them by their name.
Hiya, my dude!

My dude, you’re hilarious!
by Cosmora July 29, 2018
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Used in NJ...meaning as a friend or somethin or instead of sayin yo my nigga u say yo my dude u feel me
ayo my dude waz poppiin i heard yall waz ridin on sum lil niggaz today
by Brayzii B May 8, 2005
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