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1. Around my parts, it is code for tweak (crystal methamphetamine) and its suffix derived from the familiar word drizzle, (hydroponically grown marijuana).
2. Yeah it can mean $20 worth of something, but we already have the words 'dub' and 'twanky.' Which from the perspective of a twizzle-sketcher, needs to be less masked in cryptic slang due to general lack of money anyhow. Twizzle is also considered to be more feminine than asking for sketch or twack.
1. "Hey Masta Quinto, you heard about any twizzle?"

2. Fiend:"Hey guy on motorcycle, you know where the twizzle is at?"
Bandido: "F**k off boy"
by Phungguy August 20, 2006

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The act of being extremely intoxicated on Xanax to the point of acting retarded.
"Yeah, Juan was so bartarded last night, he crashed his car then started smoking some dro"
by Phungguy May 30, 2006

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This phrase is followed by the closing tag: /sarcasm off It is a mesh of l33t speak and blog jargon. The condensed form for this method of expressing yourself is demonstrated in the second example sentence without an 'sarc off tag'. To those who are too square or bartarded to dig your jive or more often taking everthing literally: This phrase/tag and it's dynamics can be used in verbal conversations, as well as mental dialogue and even blogs/chat, when deemed appropriate by you! ...for those who can't advance to reading through the text and only comprehend classic indicating verbal tones. Sarc is less prefered because it can confuse others with Sarkar, or because it rhymes with narc.
"sarcasm on Oh Mr. <insert fool of your dis-liking here> in DC has a wonderful heart and loves to tell us the truth. /Sarcasm off"

"We MUST absolutely follow these guidelines and internationally standardize this format other than just finishing up the statement saying /sarcasm on or /sarc on"
by Phungguy August 20, 2006

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This is used as a verb to describe the soon to be embarked upon journey of intoxication consisting of alcohol (usually beer), and large quantities of marijuana. The adjective form for this state once achieved is known as being quadded out, and often called droned(who wants to be a drone?) or some argue that it should be refered to as double-damage. But this widely used term throughout the state of Texas started soley by two indivdual quake 3 fans who believe that the combo alcohol and weed are more than just the sum of it's parts. They both potentiate a blissful state much more innocent than poly-quading and deserves the 4x rather than the double.
1. "I got the beer and the killa, lets quad-it-up tonight!"
2. "Alrighty, I'm already quadded out as it is, could you drive?"
by Phungguy August 20, 2006

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The gaybourhood as stated in other accurate definitions is the area (spanning from a few streets like "the montrose area" in Houston to the hugest of them all, although arguable San Francisco. Homosexuals tend to live in higher concentrations then other areas (atleast openly) in larger metropolitan areas and like most minority groups the gaybourhood often has a unique culture, with more art, nicer restaraunts and a double-edged sword depending on your view, drugs are often much more accessable in these areas, most likely due to the abandonedment of fearing social taboos.
John- "Hey I met up with Big Bear at a really nice cafe` in the gaybourhood and picked up some peyote."

Jane- "Awesome, lets get together tonight."
by Phungguy August 20, 2006

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