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To put a dirty mop in scented boiling water and twirl the mop stick between your hands causing the mop to 'whisk' the water and become dazzlingly clean.

(Currently used by about 5 people in a boarding school in the North of England)
Toilet-cleaner: 'How do you keep your mops so clean and spankin' white?'
Care-taker: 'You need to twizzle 'em otherwise they'll become black and stink of old farts.'
by Hobo Hargreaves June 19, 2011
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1. Around my parts, it is code for tweak (crystal methamphetamine) and its suffix derived from the familiar word drizzle, (hydroponically grown marijuana).
2. Yeah it can mean $20 worth of something, but we already have the words 'dub' and 'twanky.' Which from the perspective of a twizzle-sketcher, needs to be less masked in cryptic slang due to general lack of money anyhow. Twizzle is also considered to be more feminine than asking for sketch or twack.
1. "Hey Masta Quinto, you heard about any twizzle?"

2. Fiend:"Hey guy on motorcycle, you know where the twizzle is at?"
Bandido: "F**k off boy"
by Phungguy August 20, 2006
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A noun used to describe twenty dollars worth of marijuana.
"Let me get a twizzle from you?"
"I rolled up that twizzle"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
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A slang counter-culture based reference from the south which eludes to someone being extremely wired amped tweaking on crystal methamphetamine dizzle crank.
That girl. . .after snorting a few lines, went from a lady to looking like a twizzle-tweaked back alley drug whore--in under ten minutes!
by Bobby Revell March 08, 2007
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To waste away time in irrelevant, redundant and unneccessary ways.

Evolving from the original, drug-related definition.
Dude, you've twizzled away two hours on Facebook, its time for you to pull your head out your ass and do some WORK!
by Scooter Boy January 28, 2009
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v.t. To cuddle in a spooning fashion (back to front) or fave to face with the legs intertwined like a twizzler candy.
Woman 1: So, did you do anything exciting last night?

Woman 2: Oh, I just spent the night in with my hubby. We love to just spend a night in to twizzle and talk.
by ESFJ247 June 21, 2015
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