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This is used as a verb to describe the soon to be embarked upon journey of intoxication consisting of alcohol (usually beer), and large quantities of marijuana. The adjective form for this state once achieved is known as being quadded out, and often called droned(who wants to be a drone?) or some argue that it should be refered to as double-damage. But this widely used term throughout the state of Texas started soley by two indivdual quake 3 fans who believe that the combo alcohol and weed are more than just the sum of it's parts. They both potentiate a blissful state much more innocent than poly-quading and deserves the 4x rather than the double.
1. "I got the beer and the killa, lets quad-it-up tonight!"
2. "Alrighty, I'm already quadded out as it is, could you drive?"
by Phungguy August 20, 2006
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