A phrase used by feminists to mock the idea that they shouldn't make blanket statements about men
"Men are jerks"
"You shouldn't be saying that about men"
"Oh god, not another 'not all men' argument, I'm sick of hearing these when I'm trying to fight sexism."
by ratty47 June 24, 2015
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A summarized version of arguments used by guys who must shield their own fragile psyche when people talk about bad traits men generally tend to possess, instead of actually realizing that the traits being discussed don't actually apply to their own person in particular. Unless it does.
Not all men are rapists!

Not all men are abusive!

Not all men are so insecure they need to inadvertedly distance themselves from arguments made instead of understanding where they come from!
by Klaymen132 June 9, 2014
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Not all men started after a woman was killed in the uk so the government started talking about a man only curfew. Not all men isn’t defending rapists it’s simply saying that we shouldn’t be punished for another’s actions. An example of this is that majority of car accidents are caused by woman so by their logic woman shouldn’t be allowed to drive. That’s not fair though because not all woman are bad drivers just like not all men are rapists.
Woman: kill all men!
Man: why not all men are bad
Woman: oh lord here he goes with his misogynistic saying, go die in war again.
by A person538 May 1, 2021
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People that say "Kill all men" are social rejects, mostly women use it, but there are also Pick me boys who say it.
by UrGirlsFriend0 April 22, 2021
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Hahaha. Aaahahahaha. AAAAHAHAHAHAHA! go fuck yourself if you believe in this philosophy. You need mental help
Mental health patient: Kill all men
Everyone else: get help
by Jakenator November 5, 2021
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Generally used by blue haired fat chicks who's 5th grade boyfriend broke up with them.
You can generally tell if it's a kam girl or not by a few ways.

1: She's morbidity obese.
2: her hair is blue.
3: no father figure in sight
4: people run away from her like shes the grinch.
girl: he looked at me, thats a form of sexual harassment.
boy: getting looked at isn't a form of sexual harassment.
girl: this is why we say kill all men. go die in a war.
by A person538 February 8, 2022
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