someone who is really cute, hot, fine, sexy, etc.

can be used for either girls or guys
For Girls
girl #1: look at that guy over there
girl #2: yeah he's really cute
girl #1: man he's a bad one

For Guys
guy #1:check out my girlfriend
guy #2:i mean she cute, but she aint no bad one
by merskaydeez March 19, 2010
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when someone is so intoxicated or high on drugs that they don't know what they are doing, and consequently do something stupid or extremely illegal.
Gorge:Jamal where did you get all of this stolen shit?!?!
Jamal:I don't even know dog... I was on a bad one last night.

Tony:Dude did you really fuck that ugly ass girl?
Jack:Probably I was on such a bad one though...
by BIGMOKE December 3, 2007
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N. Wales slang
1. shady 2. general deflective riposte to a moiderer who's whinging about something
"Man: 'Shady, I spilt my tofoc' Woman: 'bad one'"
by Joe Shoo January 8, 2005
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getting hit in the face with some sort of object like a fist or bottle or bat
If this kid starts something with me he's gunna catch a bad one.
by Gabe February 23, 2005
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The good times and the bad ones is an album name that the band Why Don't We made. The album has 10 songs total, their names are Fallin' (adrenaline), Slow Down, Lotus Inn, Be Myself, Love Song, Grey, For You, I'll be okay, Look at me and Stay! If you haven't already, GO STREAM TGTATBO! (the good times and the bad ones)
by bl3ssedcurs3d February 11, 2021
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an amaizing album by why don’t we (hottest and best people on the face of the earth!) self produced and written. anyway go stream it (if its out yet) and enjoy the rest of your life, thanks. 🥰
Nina: have you heard why don’t we’s new album “the good times and the bad ones”?
Danél: YES! I love Zach!
Nina: ayeeeee! I love Daniel!
by ninajoubert November 17, 2020
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