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a huge, thick peice of shit. when you touch it, it feels solid and not hollow.. it usually takes 2-5 flushes to get this bad boy in the ocean
george bush is such a corn log
by Phil May 4, 2004
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a fighting game exclusivly for the xbox. it has realistic graphics, which justifies a purchase from shallow fanboy fuckedass otakus. mostly hailed as a "great game" because there are half naked women in it. when you win, the emotionless characters stare, and I use that word loosly, at the screen as if they are looking at cue-cards.
Jon: holy shit! I just kept pressing the x button and beat the game on extremely hard!

Tim: but the graphics are realistic. doa is teh best game ev3r!!1111one
by Phil January 13, 2005
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overhype. a show that's main appeal is sex. you're screaming and getting horny. no. a cock doesn't even touch outside of the pants. just a shitty soap opera about how women are superior despite how they ramble that women are equal to men. (I am not chauvenist. a favorite among adolescent and high school boys because they think it's porn.
it's a shame most women are like the bitches in this show.
by Phil January 31, 2005
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Shorthand for:

Would you dog that bird?
See a 50/50 bird & ask your mate: Dogit?
by Phil October 6, 2004
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Also known as Culella in Varese - Italy.
Donno, a mix between "donna" and "uomo".
by Phil November 11, 2004
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Dick-sucking lips
Damn, Angelina Jolie has some nice DSLs.
by Phil November 14, 2003
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to insert the penis into a womans, or mans, anus
She takes it up the dungfunnel
by Phil April 3, 2005
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