189 definitions by Phil

1. used by males for reproduction
2. used by males to piss
3. used as a toothbrush for sluts
4. used as a toy for masturbators
5. used as a whip by some male sadists
"after coming on jennifer face, phil stuck his cock in her mouth so she cvuld get it hard again"
by Phil February 4, 2004
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shifty or crazy eyes due to a tragic moment.
one time i was at this party with my friend josh and he was looking at this guys girlfriend in a very friendly and lovable manor, i thought nothing about it, but her boyfriend did, he called my friend a "cock knocker" and shoved a lamp up my friends ass, he was in so much pain or pleasure he went cross eyed. he has never recovered from that tragic moment.
by Phil March 10, 2004
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3 or more dicks fitting into a girls mouth at once.
<dude 1> hey what was that thing we gave to Stephanie K. last night?
<dude 2> we fed her a cock salad
<dude 1> lol
<dude 2> lol
by Phil May 11, 2004
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To undress someone by staring at them constantly, and annoyingly.
Im tired of being eyefucked by that staring son of a bitch.
by Phil February 3, 2007
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A word of similar use to 'cool' and 'spiffy', typically preceded with 'the'.
by Phil December 31, 2004
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a stupid site where otakus, goths and nerds (all idiots) go to talk about anime and anything from japan (because everyone knows EVERYTHING from japan is cool especially the yakuza and kamikaze pilots. when people don
t agree with them, they use "witty" comebacks that they think make them cool and the mods and admins delete good stories because of obscure rules that contradict many others.
"I went to fanfiction.net to look at some anime strories to masturbate to" -Otaku
by Phil March 29, 2004
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the nice tight, moist vagina of an african american girl usually between 100-110 lbs.
although not intended to be a racial phrase, it is rooted in anti-nonchristianity.
by Phil January 27, 2005
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