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Probably the most offensive word ever imaginable, hailing from the Betaish tongue of Driver and Walpole. Utilise it, and you will probably die. Very slowly. TWICE.
Look you have got chutney all over my neglegee!! You Fucking Krint!
by Petrov June 15, 2007
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Something, or someone that is unnecesarily scary.
The Queen is coming to stay. Unlikely, but go with it. You decide to spice up the monarchal visitation by donning a crotchless leopard print gimp suit.

Your flatmate thinks this is rather UNNECESCARY.
by Petrov September 08, 2008
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The logo or accronym for the major sports corporation Reebok
Reebok makes a solid pair of cleats
Sydney Crosby is sponsored by RBK
by Petrov June 12, 2007
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A racial slur used to refer to Older African American People. The term rasinette comes from the root word rasin which is physically wrinkley and black. This evidently applies to older black people which physically look black and wrinkled.
I was walking home and saw some rasinettes sitting on their porch. Big suprise
by Petrov June 12, 2007
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Used to describe very dark skinned African American People.
Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy are know as the "Darkness Twins"
by Petrov June 12, 2007
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The plural of moose, the North American Elk, (Alces alces)
Your hair is beautiful. It is not dissimilar in it's majesty to a herd of meese wafting across the tundra.
by petrov July 10, 2008
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